90210 Round Table: "Model Behavior"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest 90210 episode.

Our topics from the show's premiere include Kelly's future, Adrianna's drug problem, Naomi vs. Ethan and more ...

Will we ever see Kelly on 90210 again?
BrendaLova: No way. She'll see Dylan's sexy scar again and fall into his arms.

The Real McKay: Absolutely. I think the producers are just trying to see how we fans deal with a Kelly and Brenda absence.  However, I can tell you guys already: not well.  We want her back before she even left.

: Probably. I hate to say it, but Dylan seems too unreliable these days. I hope Kelly and Ryan have a chance to date for real.

Should Harry be worried about the intentions of Debbie's photography partner?
The Real McKay: I think he already is. What did he ask Debbie when he said "Did he just try to..."  Was it fire you, or seduce you manager/Silver style?

Wild4Wilds: Yes. What would be a primetime soap opera be if married couples didn't face possible affairs?

BrendaLova: Of course he should be. Have you see Debbie Wilson?!? Still, he needn't worry about his wife's attenion. She's loyal.

Most likely final destination for Adrianna: Rehab or a street corner?
Wild4Wilds: Rehab. Rock bottom is still to come, but eventually the A-Train will get back on track.

BrendaLova: Option three: a Melrose Place spin-off! Adrianna will drop out of school, divorce her parents and be at the center of yet another CW classic follow-up.

The Real McKay: Street corner. She's proven she'll do anything for money.

Naomi and Ethan have finally broken up. Who will be the first to date someone new?
BrendaLova: Naomi will certainly "date" someone in the janitor's closet as soon as she can.

The Real McKay: Well, since Ethan was eying Annie as he gave the speech, I'm looking at you, E.  And hey, I hear she just wants to be friends with Ty.  Convenient.

: No way Naomi is ready to date; she's too scarred from seeing the failed committment between her parents. Ethan, though, has had his eye on Annie since the series premiere.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?
BrendaLova: As a former fan of The Wire, had to be when Tristan Wilds went back to his street thug roots and decked that guy.

The Real McKay: Definitely when Silver ordered a cheeseburger at the cafeteria.  Greatest moment in television history?  If we could have seen her eat it.

Wild4Wilds: The sight of Navid at the beginning of the episode. I've missed that guy!

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I second Nicole's comment above!!!!! Just because she got knocked up she doesn't own him. When kelly accused brenda of trying to still dylan "old habit die hard for you"..i wanted to reach through the screen & choke her. As a big fan of the old 90210 I couldn't stand Kelly after she purposely stole him from her best friend. Before brenda was even on the plane she was working on dylan...couldn't stand her after that!!! Whenever dylan needed someone like after his dad died he automatically turned to brenda (and after his wife was killed he moved to london to live with brenda) and she never tried to steal him back. during their talk before she went to college in minnesota dylan told her that their love was too passionate & consuming for their age, now they're old enough to handle it. Kelly herself said it best during college when she told brenda 'when he looks back at his life you will always be his one great true love'...how soon she forgets that she was the other woman & brenda was dylan's true love!!!!!!!!!!In this day & age most kids are raised with 2 households & seperate families, that doesn't mean kelly won, ha!!

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