Behind the Scenes of the Blair-Serena Cat Fight

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This Gossip Girl video was just sent to us and we guarantee you'll enjoy it.

The upcoming brawl between Blair and Serena - we think - happens at a party for students interested in Yale. We've seen pictures of the incident being filmed, but now some video of it (from the set in Flatbush, Brooklyn, shot by a passerby) has surfaced!

A lot of the dialogue between them is hard to decipher, but as the frenemies bicker on the porch, there are clear shouts of "You shut up!" "No, you shut up!"

Then they go at it in a crazy display of pushing, shoving, hair-pulling and, eventually, one of them getting spanked (!) - which elicits laughter from the crew!


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They were not fighting for Dan as Joe said they were fighting cause Blair bring out Pete's dead read what Joe said he totally understand every quote. Good Job Joe ;)

Chucks bear

I'm hearing more of leighton's screams! and that served my appatite!...You GO BLAIR!! and there ain't no way they're fighting over a humphrey...




I hope this fight becomes the most talked about thing ever. I love an evil gossip girl.


I cannot f***ing believe that Serena & Blair fight!!! About Dan Humphery?! That's so freakin crazy/insane/bad! I don't want their character to hate each other! This is the most bad Gossip Girl moments in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol too funny.
i cant wait!


Blake: "You don't need your stupid headband!"
Leighton: "Ow, my head... band!"
LMFAO It's supposed to be a sad scene when they air it on GG, But after seeing this I have a feeling that I'll be laughing while watching them fight!


B spanked S!! so notti... hahas.
i heard something about Blair making use of Pete's death and Serena commenting that she had crossed the line as well. i agree with what tss said.


oopps,, just read all the comments.
haha. nope not about Dan.=) TSS, that totally makes sense! You're great.=) I CANT WAIT!!

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