Gossip Girl Season Two: Extended Again!

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Must Have. More. Gossip Girl.

Agreed, right? The fans want it, and the CW is obliging.

Two weeks after extending Gossip Girl's second season by two episodes (from 22 to 24), the network has told executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage that it wants to tack on one more for a grand total of 25 episodes!

Nice Hat S!

JOB WELL DONE: Blair, Serena and the rest of the Gossip Girl gang have been given a 25th episode here in Season Two. Eight have aired thus far (#9 airs Monday).

Riding a hot fall roster, the CW also ordered two additional episodes of One Tree Hill and 90210, extending both shows' seasons to 24 episodes apiece.

Even in its sixth season, One Tree Hill has been on a ratings roll, posting double-digit gains over last season and consistently building on its Gossip Girl audience, which is also up significantly over a year ago. Not shabby.

For its part, newcomer 90210 has become a solid (if not spectacular) CW performer among its target audience of men and women age 18-49.

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YAY OTH!!! oth deserves 25 episodes not gossip girl!!!


wat is blair's left hand doing on s's chest?


it not the last seson it cant be... tht would not be cool......nd pluse i was on set !!!!!!!!!!!


thius is totally NOT last season, remember in The OC's last season they always said it was the last one since it started and if this was GG last season thay will say it.


Gossip girl is def not going anywhere anytime soon. Its the best show the CW has! I think anyway :) anyway didn't Blake say awhile ago about 6 years? I heard that in an interview!


Last Season? Where did u get that? The Show its awesome! I hope season two not the last season. GOOD JOB GUYS! :)


why would it be its last season no one mentioned that! anyways the show is really good it doesn't suck at all so i see no reason for that topic to even come up and im soooo happy they extended the second season can't wait till Monday


this is gg last season? where did you read that?
don't think it makes sense either, because the ratings are better than last year and the show's getting a lot of publicity.
hope it's not the last season, i'm really loving the show!:)


carisssa, how do u know its gossip girls last season? I don't think thats true! I didn't hear anything about that


they extended it because
this is gossip girls last season


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