Kate Walsh on The Late Show

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Her show having aired earlier last night, Private Practice star Kate Walsh appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss and promote it. Here's Kate, looking gorgeous and chatting it up with Dave ...


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everything looks great on kate! the hair is ok but the best hair that kw ever had is long red, not long blue or short blue or long black or this now...they are all ok but kw is just stunning with her long red hair! and much more ot nad sexy and everything (ofcourse she will always be all of that no matter what)


This is hilarious - Kate is SO funny. Thanks for posting - and Ann, I agree about her hair. But I can adjust, and I understand that from her point of view, taking care of longer hair as a celeb must have been really annoying. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!!


I love private practice and kate Walsh so I cannot wait for PP to come back on screen in Belgium! But I do nto liek the new hair do of Kate! She had such lovely red sassy hair in Grey's and the first season of PP! I really would like this bob hype to dissapear soon!


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