Ugly Betty Spoiler: Betty's New Roommate

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We have one of the most entertaining Ugly Betty spoilers you could imagine... we have the scoop on Betty's new roommate and it's someone you'll never believe.  Betty is going to be living with... Amanda!

Meet Amanda Tanen

No news on how Betty and Amanda are going to squeeze into a small studio, but our job is just to report the Ugly Betty spoilers, not explain them!

Thank you Michael Ausiello of EW for the info!

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Ugly Betty Quotes

We have to distract her, does anyone have a six foot hoagie?

Amanda [about Betty]

Wilhelmina: Who did you work, Shapiro?
Fabia: Fabia has had no work done
Wilhelmina: Please there's enough left over skin from your surgeries to make a bed for my cat