90210 Scoop: Pregnancy (Sort of) Revealed!

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We have bad news for Adrianna fans and even worse news for 90210 fans in general:

According to television columnist Korbi, the identity of the soon-to-be knocked up character will be revealed soon.

So, who will it be?!?

"This girl can't catch a break," Korbi recently wrote. "The second things start to look up for her, she seems to be starring in yet another after-school special... As for when it's going down, I'm hearing mid-January."

It's gotta be Adrianna, right?

Remember Me?

We also have sad news about the schedule of 90210:

The November 18 episode will be the show's last until January 6. That's quite the break! Fortunately, Brenda will be appearing in both those episodes.

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kelly can't be pissed at bren-they weren't together and she screwed with dylan back in the day. paybacks are a muther fugger


yes, adrianna is preggers--guarantee it. and i think brenda might be too...with ryan. something like that...i was hooked to the old show and now i'm hooked again. i hope they keep having the old cast members on there---where's the rest of em?? ---FAN


so after episode 1x11 "that wich we destroy"
they showed a commercial for the next episodes that wont
premire until january 6 and there was a song during that commercial. does anyone know the name of it?
(all i know is that a guy sings it)


Yes! She smells the hotdog at the Lacrosse game, says it smells disgusting and then goes to puke! It's GOTTA be Adrianna! And then while showing previews Navid says "I'm not ready for this" or something along those lines.

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