Gossip Girl Spoiler: No More Nate and Jenny?

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Michael Ausiello of EW has this mini-Gossip Girl spoiler in his Q&A today ...

Q: I love Nate and Jenny on Gossip Girl. They are amazing together. Any news about what's ahead for them?

A: Amazing together? Are we watching the same show? I haven't been that turned off by two actors kissing since Christopher Atkins planted a sloppy one on Linda Gray almost two decades ago on Dallas. Thankfully, a Gossip Girl insider assures me that Jate, Nenny - whatever the hell the kids are calling Nate and Jenny - will be euthanized faster than you can say "statutory rape."

Nate and Jenny Together?

Do you want to see more scenes like this from Jenny and Nate?

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i think that nate and jenny are going to end up together i hope that they do because they are great together...just becaue how everything been going how nate came to her rescue at the hotel when she was ganna lose her v to that drug loser and how they were having that conversation and nate told her that she need to be with some who going to be there for her when she wakes up. jenny says it not like i can have you or something like that. and nate trys to stop jenny from going and gets puched in face that show that he really care's. janny and nate forever love!!!


I never liked Nate and Vanessa.
Also,Jenny & Nate, they just make me feel a brothery/sister vibe,
i love nate+serena! sorry. :) I'm rooting for Nate+Serena, but you never know who he's going to end up with, he's dated/"been" with a lot of girls on the show. :x P.S
That letter nate wrote to Jenny wasn't really romantic/sweet.




What the F are you guys talking about? i bet you're all jealous because little J got to kiss the hot guy (Nate). So what if she's together w Nate? Fuck off your thoughts about her punkass...now letr hear my shxt: "Gossip girl let those two i mean Nate and Jenny together....please please please...they are totally sweet." n for those thinks that they both like "ewww", i bet y'all BLIND? tsk tsk tsk....


Oh, screw you people! I loved Nate & Jenny together! They were the only reasons why I even WATCHED the show! Well except for Chair. I mean c'mon, V&N were so boring and predictable. I really hope there will be more scenes of them together in season 3. Besides, they're only like 2 years apart in the show, SO WHAT? If you guys are saying that Jenny's the one that's immature, maybe you all should look in the mirror. + That letter that Nate wrote to Jenny -- was so touching! You can tell that he really cared about her. And like that , they're over just because J pulled a little prank on V? Blaire has done way more worse things than that, and yet they still end up together. Ugh, I was so mad when they broke up. It didn't give me a reason to watch it anymore after that. And all that crap saying that Jenny's so annoying? Well hello, that was season 1, you idiots! Some of you guys are even judging Jenny by her looks. Personally, I love the new look of her. I do agree that she needs to lighten up the eye make-up, but her hair is simply stunning. Well yeah, I've made my point. Sorry, I was just so mad. ._.


Yep they are over. All the spoilers said so and Jennys role is going to be different next year and focus more on the 6 older kids at college. I dont care if they are friends again for the sake of Dan and Vanessa though but now that NV is said to not go anywhere and DN are freinds NJ is over romantically. I could never picture Dan being like hey sure Nate and dump my bff for my little sister. J needs a guy her age/grade that isnt hung on another girl but all hers.


NJ aren't over. i hope not. So what if Jenny is a Child better to be young then old young is always better. NJ


NJ is over! NV has been steady for two months than are going to start thinking about college. Jenny is a child and that letter is so 3 months ago. Besides Jenny is getting a new love interest that is her age. I do doubt NV will get married this season though.


maybe nv will get marrieed :(i hope is not true



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