Michaela Conlin on the Future of Angela, Bones

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Michaela Conlin portrays Angela on Bones.

Earlier this week, viewers were introduced to a former (female!) flame of the character, when Nichole Hiltz guest-starred on the show. Here are excerpts of an interview Conlin gave to TV Guide about a couple future story lines:

What will be Angela's take on Booth's brother, Jared (played by Brendan Fehr starting November 12)?
Conlin: She likes him. [Laughs] Angela pretty much likes any being that's in any manner sexual. Look, it's like having Booth without having Booth. Angela would like to see Brennan and Booth get together, so I'm sure she figures, "Hey, this is the second-best thing." But yeah, Angela is definitely is a little bowled over when she meets him.

Give us one last tease about what's ahead for Angela.
Conlin: You're going to see her in a lot of different circumstances this season, being single, I'll just say that. Being on the open market... it's going to be an interesting year for her!

Michaela Conlin
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