Private Practice-Grey's Anatomy Crossover Planned

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TV Guide reports that Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice will be teaming up for a new, multi-episode crossover story for February sweeps.

The Grey's Anatomy actor(s) involved has yet to be announced, but Kate Walsh's Dr. Addison Montgomery will again visit ol' Seattle Grace.

Addison returned for an episode of Grey's Anatomy last spring after bolting for L.A. and Private Practice after the end of the third season.

Our Girl

What brings Addison (Kate Walsh) back to Grey's Anatomy this time?

What regular(s) from Seattle Grace might show up at Oceanside Wellness Center? Walsh personally is hoping for her former love interest Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), saying, "It'd be fun to have him cause some trouble!"

What star(s) - and story line(s) - would you like to see?

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Hi I hope this goes thru.
I like Kevin Nelson and would like to see
him stay with Addison or switch him to
Grey's Anatomy or some other show
I was happy to see him on this show.
I don't know why they make him just a guest star I
would like to see him on some steady show
I like David Sutcliffe very good actor and
very handsome man.


I want to see Mark, Derek, Meredith, and Callie with Addison. Mark and Derek should meet the guys Addison's now working with at Oceanside Wellness Clinic.


i agree with Paddisonluvr. i can't wait for this to happen and i would love to see McDreamy, Mer, and Mark to go to Ocean Side and Pete, Sam and Naomi to go to SGH


YAY! I hope mark comes to Ocean Side! That might cause some drama!


like I've said on GA insider CAN'T WAIT it's a great idea-I'm always looking forward to see my addie anywhere especially in GA :)


i agree with paddisonluvr! but i hope addie will get the life she deserves and wants. she wants a baby and a boyfriend/marriage. maybe is callie or as kate said mark sloan came down 2 LA! tht wuld rock!


As I said on Grey's Anatomy insider, I love Addison so much in L.A. but her interactions with the Grey's cast are great as well. Maybe, just maybe, if she and Kevin break up, she would go to Seattle to get away . . . just speculating, of course. I like them together, but somehow I don't think Kevin is going to become a regular guest star. We'll see how it all works out, but I'm excited.


I really hope Callie would visit. Addie and Callie are so much fun together and I can't wait for this cross-over to happen. Sounds really good.

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