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A little Private Practice spoiler / news item from E! Online's Q&A today ...

Q: Can you share any info on Private Practice? It's gotten superaddictive!

A: Grant Show begins his six-episode guest arc this Wednesday, and I just chatted him up, so check back that morning for exclusive scoop from Mr. Archer Montgomery Forbes himself. (Informed speculation: I think Grant Show's character, Archer, is part of the big spring crossover between Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and more significantly, I think he may be the reason for the series' big spring crossover... We'll see!) In other news, that bee-yotch Charlotte King starts a competing practice in the upstairs space and starts stealing patients from Oceanside - I was just starting to like her, but I'm totally taking that back now.

Charlotte the King

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I just watched tonight's episode of Private Practice and would like to clarify a mistake that was made in this spoiler posting. The new practice is downstairs from the Oceanside Wellness. The new practice is on the fourth floor while Oceanside Wellness is on the fifth. Good episode tonight, but ewww to Pete and Violet.


Shonda, let us meet Addie and Archer's parents. We've met Cristina's mother, Burke's parents, Meredith's father, now let us meet Addison's parents. Charlotte King is ugly and I liked her before she did what she did. That woman is totally an evil witch.


Private parcatice is so yummy! I love the pace of the plot development and the unfolding of each of the characters this season. It is so reminscent of the old GA. Addie's brother, Archer is quite intriguing...if Archer is just a chip off the old mother block, can you imagine how their mom must be?!!! Who will play Addie's & Archer's mother? Shonda, we must meet her soon! I can't wait for the cross over episodes! GA needs the boost more than PP!


that bitch! (charlotte)
I can't wait for the crossover :))) ah...those were the times...

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