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Thank you to everyone that posted a response to this week's critical take on Heroes.

We wish the article never had to be written, but it's nice to see that so many of us at least share similar complaints regarding the utter lack in logic for most of the show's current episodes.

With that in mind, we've made a list - and checked in twice, in order to see who's been naughty (Tim Kring) and who's been nice - that compiles reader responses to the show, along with a few specific complaints our staff had over the latest episode.

Feel free to agree or disagree with the following issues (we always welcome feedback/comments), but here are a few complaints Heroes fans have over the state of story lines:

  • As described in the aforementioned article from earlier this week: Why the inconsistency between episodes? Two weeks ago, HRG had Elle/Sylar in his sights to end "The Eclipse Part 1." A week later, he waits to fire until after they've had sex? Just lazy writing.
  • What happened to Mohinder's dangerous aggression? Didn't he murder some random guy in the park a few weeks ago? Now, the only consequence of his abilities is bad skin.
  • How in the world did Parkman know where to find Ando/Hiro? They teleported themselves to that comic book store a couple weeks back, right? Then, this past Monday, Parkman just walked in after leaving Daphne's farm house.
Seeking Revenge

Wait, am I good or evil in this scene?

  • The volume is titled "Villains." But, ummm, who are the villains? Flint and Knox? We've barely met them. Sylar? He changes every week (see following bullet point). The series had a nice set up going, with the idea of Team Primatech vs. Team Pinehearst. But it's not clear who is even on the latter team, nor is it even clear what its specific, supposedly evil plan is.
  • And, by far the biggest complaint from readers and from our staff: the constant, changing state of Sylar. He's been HRG's partner, Peter's friend, Elle's lover and then Elle's killer so far this season. He also seems to believe anything people tell him. I'm your son, Angela? Cool! Oh, my mom hated me? Thanks, Arthur! Wait, they are not my parents? Interesting, HRG!
Seriously, did it make any sense to viewers that Sylar killed Elle? Was he mad at her for helping to make him a monster (something HRG uttered while on the verge of death; we may know it to be true, but Sylar instantly believes his arch nemesis so quickly, and to the point that he simply murders Elle as a result?!?)?

It's almost impossible to keep track of, but remember when Elle encouraged Sylar to kill that rental car employee? Wasn't she actually the one who wanted his truly evil, monstrous side to come out? So... now that it has, why would he kill Elle? The "hunger" he talked so much about was based on taking the abilities of others... but he already has Elle's abilities!

Ok, we must stop. Our head hurts. Remember: we love Heroes. But not in its current state. We pray that Volume Four of the series resembles season one.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


ok why kill nathan when you can put claires blood in him like they did noah. I loved this show but it really sucks right now. actors should go on strike until they fix the scripts. the holes in the story are so huge. like ando could boost hiros powers, which is what i think that future episode was all about maybe. The end was ok i like what they did except for those plot holes. I'll probably go back to watching if i don't have anything better to do, and no good video game to play, maybe i could mow my grass.


Season One made me into a fan, but this show just plain sucks. It's lost it's vision. The writers don't care. The characters are becoming more and more annoying by acting illogically - some of these characters are just plain dumb. More and more mysteries and questions are created in each episode that the writers may or may not have any intention of answering. I stopped watching this crap 4 episodes into this season, and from what I've read about it so far - there hasn't been a reason to return. Does anyone making this show have any artistic integrity anymore? Oh yeah, Bryan Fuller does and he's coming back as a writer - I'm not even sure he can save this mess.


JD, I agree with sylar.
Thats what made him so intemidating. Now he is just a mess, I want a villian that is terrifying again. Love Adam and Athur but they aren't as fearful.
Very confused with where this show is heading, the first few episodes were leading into a very different direction. I really want them to explain more about the past, like the companies orgins, Shanti and Chandra, not adding more stuff like a formula and the eclipse giving and removing abilities.
The writers exuses are that the Heroes are to busy, looks like in Fugitives they are going to be just as busy. Can't they give them a little down time. And what is with Level 5, I thought that the people placed in it had dangurous, powerful abilities. Samedi can't do that much, for that why wasn't Adam placed within Level 5, they share similar abilities. Love Heroes and hope Volume 4 makes it's comeback.


JD. agree with everything.
Having Claude come back and teach him yo use his powers again is what should happen, as long as he doesn't get his powers back through this formula.
Please please get rid of all this formula bullshit. heroes should be bigger than this.
I realy hope that heroes doesn't just turn into prison break with powers though. oh and i just saw 'behind the eclipse 9'. it is obvbious if you look at that, that the writers do not care. most of the genuine queries that fans have, they just laugh off. i thought that it was a very arrogant and disrespectful way to treat fans.( btw i thought the fans were too lenient on them aswel).


My opinion of Sylar this season...DUMP. Season 1 was great because Sylar was very mysterious and one dimensional-killer. Now theyve overloaded us with episodes about his past, nobody cares about his past, leave him unanswered, is misunderstood and manipulated scary? hell no. its like what they did to the others on Lost, now we know them n we've met them and theyre not in the shadows, theyre not as interesting anymore. Volume 4 looks good, in my opinion, Nathan will be the villain, everyone else will be hiding on the underground and trying to escape capture, looks like prison break with powers, that sounds awesome to me. Also sylar will be hunting people, awesome, reminiscent of season 1. Improvements?? spend a lot of money, bring back Christopher Eccleston, the invisible man, team him up with Peter, teach peter how to get his abilities back-Peter should have to start from scratch collecting abilities. Get rid of Arthur Petrelli, dont make Ando evil, make Suresh powerless or kill him, Get rid of Ali Larter, shes hot, but annoying, she's had 2 redundant characters in a row now, waste of a pay check on the show, maybe give her a season off and bring in Barbara, only if she's interesting. If Nathan's the villain, don't make him evil just misguided. Take the show back to new york maybe. Something to do with Charles Deveaux would be cool. PLEASE READ AND RESPOND, THANK YOU. :)


so there is sylr happily going about his business, just about to rent a car and drive off. suddenly Elle comes in and says that she has told the owner that he is a killer who has kidknapped her (and look at the smile on her face when she says that).
what options does sylar have? kill him or wait for the police to arrive.
And what kind of a test is that anyway.
all he wanted to do was hire a car!!!!!


Pablo... no, she wasn't. Look again.


Nicky, i agree about the comic book store complaint. but i just think that there is far too much that can not be excused at the moment. i too would love to defend heroes but i am finding it increasingly difficult. a freind of mine who has never seen the show before asked me if it was any good because he was going to buy the box set the other day and i told him that season 1 was absolutely brilliant but not to bother with the others.


Just one thing - the comic book store complaint. The comic book store that Hiro and Ando teleported to so that Hiro could "remember" was a completely different comic book store than than the one that they WALKED to after they lost their powers. The first comic book store (the one they teleported to) was in Japan. The second store (the one they walked to - as someone mentioned before) was in Kansas, probably close to Daphne's house. I'm sure Matt Parkman walked into town, looking for Hiro and Ando, and since they had been following that 9th Wonders comic so far, decided to check for them in the comic book store there. Sorry, but having a large imagination, as well as a big heart for things I love, I can excuse a lot and defend a lot. Some things I can't... but this complaint was easy to explain/defend... as the explanation was in the actual story line if you were paying attention. Thanks.


well this volume is titled " villians" and come on they cant make up their mind if sylar is good or bad. and knox we dont know all that well... Mr. petrilli, he is O.K. EXCEPT FOR KILLING ADAM MONROE! He was the ONLY good VILLIAN with a BACKROUND! ( he was my fav. villian!!!) This new writter better fix it!


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