Gossip Girl Caption Contest 28

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Welcome to the 28th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is Rose L. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to lovetobe and NatesBbyxoxo. All of your entries were great this week. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck in the new Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

The winning entry appears below ...

Chuck, Blair and ...

Chuck: A pleasure to meet you, my satiny rouched one. I look forward to whispering mellifluous nothings into your ear later this evening.

Girl: I'm sorry, what? I was temporarily blinded by your man-sequins.

Blair: (thinking) Daaamn Chuck looks good tonight. I wanna rip that bowtie right off of him and wear it as a headband - Raaawwr!

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Q:What do Bella swan and Blair Waldorf have in common? A:They both love men who sparkle!


ahahha..that winning caption made me laugh :]


i love the first one!


Gossip Girl: Honestly C, every true New Yorker can tell you that Chinatown knock offs never compare to the real thing.


Chuck: "Let me guess, for my Christmas present you'll be dressing the entire upper east side as Blair mini-me clones."
Blair: "The only thing you'll be getting is coal. It's not a GIFT - It's a BET. One I seem to be winning."
Chuck: "Hold on Ice Princess. The Snow Flake Ball isn't over yet. Go entertain yourself with Bass Lite over there. (Holding out his arm for Blair to hook and then pivoting to Justine for her arm instead) It would be a terrible shame for Blair to drag you all the way down here and you not even get a look at the stars. (turning over his shoulder to Blair) Best seen from the roof of course..." Leading Justine to a stair well.
Blair : (stomps one foot and turns slightly to see the boy Chuck brought right next to her and adjusting his basslike scarf, they make eye contact) "Oh brother you HAVE to be kidding me. It's the worst Chuck Bass impression I've EVER seen. If you want to be more like Bass why don't you go up to the roof?...AND JUMP OFF. Ugh!"
Blair stomps off in a huff.


Blair: well how did i do?
Chuck: I think i just met my new rebound.
Blair:[thinking] shit... sorryi posted one before but i wasnt a memeber so its the same thing =/


Gossip Girl: Looks like it's time to play musical Blairs.


C: Please feel free to fawn over my man sequence.
J: Don't mind if I do.
B:*Rolls eyes* thinking: He used that line on me! Has he lost all originality?


Blair - Maybe we shouldn't have made this bet.


Blair (thinking): How come I never noticed how ugly he looks from up close?

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