Gossip Girl Photos From "Gone with the Will"

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Below is a photo gallery we put together for the episode of Gossip Girl airing in two weeks (January 12), entitled "Gone with the Will." Our apologies for the earlier error saying these photos were from next Monday's "In the Realm of the Basses."

Regardless, the pictures - and what we've heard about the episode - are great so far. The episode (the 15th of Season 2) centers around the reading of Bart’s will, in which Chuck, Bart’s brother Jack, and Lily learn the fate of Bart Bass' empire.

Rufus and Lily’s relationship, meanwhile, is strained as Rufus seeks details about the child he never knew he had, and when Dan uncovers Rufus and Lily's secret, he must decide what to do with this revelation and who to share it with.

Click to enlarge the pictures below, which feature some beautiful shots of Blair Waldorf as well as Chuck's mysterious uncle, Jack. More to come throughout the week ...

Blair Up Close
Jack Bass, Blair Waldorf
Not Little J Anymore
J and E
Some Days She's a Super ...
Reception is Good
Blair and Serena Picture
Blair on the Move
Chuck and Jack Bass
Blair Waldorf, Jack Bass

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^ Woooooo HOT BABES AND BEAUTIFUL DATING?! Thank God for your post, Robert - after all, that is the exact reason I came to this website of spoilers a TV show...


I can't wait for Chair!!!!!!!!! This break has been rough from GG. The new episodes will be great! Hope there is good news on the horizon for Chuck and Blair!


ii am so exciited...cant waiit...thiis websiite is makeing it bareable thx
xo derena & chair xo


yeah i saw these to and most of them are for
Gone with a will or at leat thats what other sites
have been saying
this episode looks really good! I think there will be a lot of C and B interaction so thats all good

Sarah france

wow first comment!!
can't wait for this episode!!
xoxo from france, jvous adore. S


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