Blair Waldorf, Jack Bass
Blair Waldorf and Jack Bass, Chuck's uncle, talk in this picture from "Gone with the Will."

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i saw GG the last episode . the GG txted that blair slept with jack bass . wasn't that true , was it ?


Jack's kind of a hottie, though...


If Blair did, then we really need the non-judgmental breakfast club right now!


Kathleen!!!!!!!! i'm sorry but how can u even say that??????????????????? i hope NOT!!!!!!


Haha I Hope They DID Sleep Together It'll Make The Story Alot More Interesting And Saucy ! x.x.x


killer outfit

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Nelly: We should at least tell Blair.
Isabel: We can't. Blair's with Chuck. Again.
Penelope: I'm really getting sick of how much time she's spending with him.
Isabel: His dad just died.
Penelope: Yeah, like a month ago.

Serena: Look, I know you've been avoiding me, but my mom called from Boston this morning and I asked her point blank. You have nothing to worry about.
Dan: Worried? Who said anything about being worried? What'd she say?
Serena: That there's nothing going on between her and Rufus.
Dan ... Oh.