Gossip Girl Spoilers: Colleges & Secret Societies

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Some brief Gossip Girl spoilers and rumors from E! Online today ...

Q: What's the next shocker coming up on Gossip Girl in the new year?

A: There's a storyline coming up that's so dirty, even Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) was surprised about it, saying, "They can do that?" If it's above and beyond what we've seen so far on Gossip Girl, it must be good.

Q: More Gossip Girl please!

A: The Gossip Girl kids are getting downright dirty - and this time, in the sexy secret society kind of way. Gulp. Jessica Szohr spills, "They're doing a little thing like Eyes Wide Shut, which is kind of cool and interesting."

Q: I just heard that there's a new episode (2.16, January 19) of Gossip Girl called "You've Got Yale." Does this mean that all of the kids are going to, uh, Yale?

A: Actually, rumor has it our Upper East Siders will go to three different colleges next year. Any guesses about who goes where? They'd better not separate Chair!

Blair Waldorf Fashion
Chuck Waits
Serena the Student

Are any or all of these Gossip Girl regulars three bound for the prestigious university in New Haven, Conn., where we saw them in last night's repeat?

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Eyes Wide Shut refers to the Stanley Kubrick movie.


Dont separate blair and chuck..!i love them so much.


Eyes Wide Shut was influenced by the adult film Behind The Green Door.


i think that B will go to Yale...S will go to a school in NY or go to Yale with B...Chuck wont go to school...and Dan will go to Dartmouth...Nate will strugle to go to school because of the whole thing with his family and trying to get money now and lets all be serious now, its hrad to pay for school now, even if it is a show..and v is going to go to school but idk because she wa saying that it will be hrad for her to get the money unless they get a scholership or something... but i dont think the writers are going to start this untill like next season...


I think C/B will be together ultimately, it'll just be a while until they are.


blair and chuck are seriously the only reason i watch GG!
As much as want them to be together right now, i know that it will be in the future because there was a lot of foreshadowing on that in the past, Like in Pret-a-poor-J, C and B talked about how good it would be in the future and that they rather wait
I think they have to grow up first and then they will find their way back to each other...but as for now they are going their seperate ways and GG will focus on another couple
And think of it this way! Blair already said " i love you" to chuck and thats probably going to burn in his mind for awhile. And i doubt Blair will fall out of love with him I think the Writers are trying to drag Chair out for as long as they can to make the series good. And plus i think the writes cant just throw them together and get it over with. It would be too boring.
So if the writers are making us wait for the perfect Blair and Chuck moment in the future, It will probably be worth the wait
And that moment will be golden!


I read the Derena part atleast:P I hope you're right about them:)


Goodness, I didn't intend for this to be this long. Haha. I'll post it anyway, to see if anyone actually gives it a read. haha. Dan and Serena, I think, are the last to be separated. For five reasons:
1. They connect Brooklyn and the UES. I mean, at the very beginning of the first season it is Dan's interactions with Serena that enabled Brooklyn to even be mentioned around the UES. Derena also motivated Blair to make Jenny a project last year. Andd when Vanessa came back, it was Dan bringing her along to Blair's birthday party that made her get noticed.
1a. Furthermore, we need Brooklyn in the show. In many respects, it "grounds" the show and compliments the extravagance of the UES with grundgy artistic-ness.
2. Everything that goes on with Rufus and Lily will definitely keep Derena close by. Because, they will obviously be affected by whatever Rufus and Lily decide to do with their futures.
3. Dan needs Serena in order for his character to develop. He's trying so much to become less judgmental and Serena, whom you can judge pretty easily because of her past and her friends and her family, gives Dan so many opportunities to show that he's not a complete pr*ck.
4. I feel that Dan's "wisdom" (haha) would very much help Blair and Serena, like what he did in episode 7 of the second season, you know, advising Blair on Chuck matters. I feel that Dan is the only male that could provide with such insight. (Erik is probably the only other male that could be an advisor, but he's quite busy with Jenny and high school in general to offer insight to Serena and Blair.)
5. Serena, I feel, needs to really understand that she is that charming. Sooner or later, she'll understand that Yale really is just using her. And because she's actually a moral person, will not graduate from Yale. Thus, leaving her, in whatever fashion, coming back home to the city with Dan. Now, with college predictions. :]
New York Colleges Abound. My guesses include two in town universities and then Yale.
1. NYU:
a. Vanessa def. to NYU. Their film school is perfect for her.
2. Columbia:
a. Serena. Okay, hear this. She's not going to Brown because it is too far from our beloved city. And because she is our genuine It girl, she can't stray too far from home. She's not graduating from Yale either because, as the moral compass she's turning out to be, she'll find out how Yale is using her for publicity. Thus, she's obviously going to stay home and attend a new york university. I choose Columbia because of its Ivy League status and because, I feel, its relatively independent and "liberal", if you will, in comparison to Cornell, the other Ivy possibility. BUT BUT I fear there might be a possibility that she may not even attend college. I have like, a 17% hunch that she's done with learning and just wants to get into the real world. I mean, I think she only thinks about college at the first place because it gives her a sense of normalcy which she's lacked for a good portion of her life. Thus, if something crazy happens and she realizes this, she probably won't even attend university, but would rather, like in the books, attain some modeling or acting career.
b. Dan attends Columbia as well, because well, I just want him to be close to Serena. haha. And plus, Rufus would really love for his son to attend an Ivy. His investments will amount to something if Dan gets the education he's so longed for.
c. Nate. This is a hard, hard, hard prediction. BUT, I think Nate will attend Columbia because, well, of his Archibald/ High Society Legacy, he is required to attend an Ivy. His mother is already freaking out about the UES not accepting her because of her husband's actions and Nate's acceptance into an Ivy would bolster her confidence. Plus, in the first season, the Captain did say that Mrs. Archibald doesn't want Nate to be too far from her. Columbia is smack in Manhattan- so close, he doesn't need to move. Its... a compromise of sorts. haha.
3. Yale
a. Blair. Blair. Blair. I really don't need to provide a long-winded explanation for this. If she doesn't get into Yale, I will seriously throw a fit. Plus, she'll be attending Yale with some of older senior friends that have early-actioned their way into the prestigious school. It would be crazy to see them in the background. haha. Chuck. Oh boy, do I love this boy. But, I fear that college should not be the first thing he thinks about right now. He just lost his father for Pete's sake. Education is the last of his priority. But, I think what will happen is Jack Bass and the Board of Trustees of Bass Industries will force Chuck to attend a college. And because he is s Bass, he might as well attend a Big Three Ivy. He is Chuck Bass after all. It would be fantastic to see him at Yale. Because, it would give me LOL time to see him torturing the future leaders of America and plus, he likes stalking Blair. :) Even though he's basically sworn to himself to never bother her again, he needs her. I bet you when he's not completely wasted, he's checking Gossip Girl for Blair updates.
But of course, for suspense, I don't think he'll be attending Yale so early. Maybe half way through the next season? He needs time to adjust to life. I love Chair with all my heart, and in this way, I feel they will only come together if Chuck has left alone for awhile. My god, I can only imagine what his character is going through and even though I believe that Blair's love is the sole sustaining motivation he has to not kill himself, he needs to understand that fact and like, have an epiphany that he is different from his father. And that there is much more than sex, booze, and money. (aka BLAIR.


i wish they could all just go to NYU and still film the show:( idont care what they do they just cant seperate dan and serena:'(


I know, Laura. If they seperate Dan and Serena, it will ruin everything! They're crazy about eachother, so Dan will miss Serena and she will miss him too....

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