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Blair Waldorf is known for her fashion choices, although she might want to rethink this one from "New Haven Can Wait" from the second season of Gossip Girl. Not sure about this getup, B!

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I love Blair and style but the colours go, sure the patterns clash a bit but they don't at the same time. I love on Gossip Girl how all the girls aren't stick thin and they're a fine size. Unlike 90210 stars


hey guys.. have u read the books(gossip girl series)? Blair's idol is audrey hepburn.definitely her style would be similar to audrey regardless the time of fashion. yes in basic fashion, her top and skirt would clash. but she definitely was able to pull this off. This is one of her best outfits. And yes, only few ppl can carry this outfit and Blair definitely can =)




This outfit doesn't work for anyone. I think the patterns are fighting each other & the shapes are unflattering. I think ppl used to wear these in the 1930s?? Reminds me of Angelina Jolie in that movie Changelling >


This isn't one of her better outfits. The jacket and skirt would be fine alone but together they clash.


What are you talking bout xoxo?! Granted her posture isn't very charming in this pic. but her clothing is sooo right! These colours were all over vogue about a month ago! The coordinated patterns here are amazing! And i'm lovin those shoes, her out-fit is practically perfect in her prim blair fashion!What shes wearing just exudes taste and wealth.


This goes in the what were you thinking category along with your attitude!

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