Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan Hot For Teacher?

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In the aftermath of last night's gripping episode, "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?", we've posted what we know about the relationship of Chuck and Blair going forward.

Now, here's another interesting Gossip Girl spoiler from E!, pertaining to that hot, young new teacher at school - and her potentially surprising new love interest ...

Q: Any hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? I cannot stand her new beau, Aaron.

A: It looks like Dan and Serena will not be rekindling any flames any time soon because I'm hearing from reliable sources that Dan is getting a new love interest. Laura Breckenridge, whom you may remember as the youngest sister (Rose) from Related, is playing that hot new teacher, Rachel Carr, that we talked about last week. We're hearing she'll be sparring with Blair Waldorf and getting romantic with Dan Humphrey.

What are your thoughts on this potential Gossip Girl story line?

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Hate it. Dan and serena know that they want to be together. They deserve to be so many butt in that they can't just be together!! They are perfect for each other! That teacher needs to get reassigned to a different school! Dan and Serena should and will be together :]


D with B would be crazy she didn't even like him and besides B would not ever hook up with a non elite, Queen B with Brookland kid
so ur saying cuz blairs rich she doesnt date guys from brooklyn its just a thought maybe a small hookup...way to be open minded....


I think this will be really good for the show. I know we want Dan and Serena, and Chuck and Blair together all the time, but it would make the show really boring. I just hope that Aaron leaves and we get to see a jelouse side of Serena.


What is up with the teacher thing, if it were a
Male teacher with a female or worse yet a male student
The whole world would be in an uproar. This sends out
a terrible message...as long as the pedophile is a woman it's OK!


OMG!!!! D with B would be crazy she didn't even like him (the only thing worse than dating dan Humphrey is morning dan Humphrey) and besides B would not ever hook up with a non elite, Queen B with Brookland kid, no she hates vanessa serena would be furious and Chuck would end up destroying Dan I mean really destroying him, for stealing Nate , attepting to ruin his fathers company, writing a story about him telling Blair not to tell chuck she loves him, his father with lily and now the pregnancy OMG falling for even liking her would put Chuck over the top!!!!!!
ByBy for Dan Humphrey


Ausiello on Entertainment Weekly says:
Something tells me Chuck is going to be paying a lot more attention in English class next semester. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Laura Breckenridge (Related) is joining the cast as Rachel Carr, the idealistic and fresh-faced new English teacher at Constance Billard. That's right, I said teacher. An extremely young teacher, but a teacher all the same. At 25, Breckenridge –- who is booked for a minimum of three episodes -- is only a few years older than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. And Gossip producers are wisely acknowledging that right at the start when Miss Carr gets mistaken for a student on her first day. No word on potential love interests, but I have some scoop on her first loathe interest: Blair. Word is the two of them don't exactly hit it off. Shocker! So i think it looks like DS won't have much to worry about


D+B why not?..
I'm with you.. totally.. I mean, Dan & Blair will be more interesting.. everything is possible in GG.. haha!


dan and blair could be an intretsing pair.. anythign tht has drama,.. basically we all know whats going to happened with this teacher.. blair helps serenna get rid of her blah blah she dissappears done end of story but the blair and dan idea is appealing it can make serena jelous and chuck SUPER JELOUS then chuck can try to win blair back and i unno maybe dan will make blair kinda less mean....


no i want aaron to come on to blair and her fall for him temporarily and get into a huge fight with both serena and chuck and then in a desperate attempt for their forgiveness move into a suite at the palace to also get away from aaron like she does in the books and then force chuck to see her all the time. then i want chuck and blair to move in together like a real couple and serena to realise it was all aarons fault and he manipulated blair.


omg! ew thats so perverted ur right PENNcil blair will help s get rid of that teacher. serena and dan belong together and why the f*** would penn and leighton be together? lol start whaching the show:)

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