Gossip Girl Spoilers For 2009

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Nothing particularly new or groundbreaking here - just a summary of the Gossip Girl spoilers and story lines to come in January, courtesy of today's New York Post.

The Gossip Girl romance between Serena van der Woodsen and Aaron Rose will be cut short, according to the CW - one of many plot shakeups for 2009.

Aaron, the Brooklyn artist with a trust fund played by John Patrick Amedori, will not be returning from Argentina with Serena (Blake Lively) on January 5.

The character of Aaron Rose is getting axed for good after Gossip Girl producers and fans alike failed to warm up to his sketchy, too-smooth persona this fall.

Chuck and Jack Bass

But Serena will have enough on her plate after the passing of stepdad Bart Bass (Robert John Burke), and everyone will be trying to pick up the pieces - including Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington), Bart's younger brother and Chuck Bass' uncle.

Jack appears to help Chuck (Ed Westwick) with his grief after his father's death - although this reportedly may be a ruse as he tries to wrest control of Bass Industries.

Gossip Girl spoilers and rumors suggest that as per his father's will, Chuck will be named CEO of the billion-dollar real estate empire. We'll see how Jack reacts...

There's little word on where the will leaves Lily (Kelly Rutherford), who will be dealing with the fallout after her love interest, Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle), discovered that she gave birth to their secret
love child at the age of 19.

Rufus will seek out the whereabouts of his mystery child, and while Gossip Girl producers reportedly haven't decided if it will be a boy or girl, the half sibling of both Dan and Serena could be appearing around April or May.

Not only does Dan (Penn Badgley) find out about his half-sibling, he gets a new love interest - the hot new Shakespeare teacher (Laura Breckenridge) at school.

Yale early acceptance decisions are also expected to come out, soon, with the graduating seniors reportedly enrolling at three different colleges next year.

The mean girl posse still reigns at Constance Billiard, which Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) will have to contend with when she returns to the prep school in January after dropping out to pursue her fashion design career.

Michelle Trachtenberg is also rumored to have another guest stint on the show as evil Georgina Sparks, Serena's friend-turned-nemesis who was sent off to a boot camp for troubled girls at the end of the first season.

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I love the spoilers Guardian Izz I also want to add that:
1)in one episode Blair will be in a hospital, and Chuck is going to hold her hand while she is
2)In one episode there will be a theme cncerning a secret sexual society like in eyes wide shut


Hi, Guardian Izz and B&C great spoilers and about hte books, I agree, they are completly diff. from the series.
In the books Serena and Blair should be auditioning for a filmpart in an Audrey H. movie, and Serena ends upgetting the part and staying in New York filming, not going to university atall. Blair is going to Yale and Nate is sailing around the world with his father. I mean if comparing this is like book 7---that si the end, but it´s only season 2 so...
Here Nate´s father is in jail, and beside he cannot even sail probably, Blair and Cuck are like Romeo and Juliet while in the books THEY HATE EACH OTHER, Serena is with Dan again, Dan is applying for college but in the books he is just smoking and writing depressing stories. He and Vanessa should be back together by now I liked the books, and the fact that the series skipped a lot and now can just "continue" on the story without any concerns about following the books(since their storyline is ending)...


B and C
I liked your thoughts, YES, CB and RL are very much alike, and this is good because now you can sort of understand thewhole thing better... here are some more spoilers for the GG fans:
1)One character is going to have a romance with a much older man (probably Jack Bass)
2)Blair does not like Jack Bass
3)Blair and Dan will be playing together in a schoolplay, which will end up in Blair´s part in the whole Dan and Teacher relationship
4) There will be 25 episodes in season 2
6)In episode 15 Rufus and Lily will go and meet the adoptive parents of their love child. He died in an accident a couple of years ago being in Dan´s and Serena´s age.
7)At the end ofthe season there will be an episode where Nate is thinking back. He remembers his time in highschool and this BRINGS HIM CLOSER TO BLAIR
8) Georgina is coming back 100%, said one of the producers
9)Blair will have problems with Yale once again, but not as serious because the dean likes her, however she will have a DOMESTIC/INTERNAL dilema concerning her future plans. Meaning that even thouogh her Yale future is secured she has other oppertunities and problems (people in danger due to Georgina)
10) Vanessa will also go to a university This is allI could find, probably not as good spoilers as Vanessa´s, but...
Besides, I agree with the whole Chuck not going to university. Even in the books he goes to a university, well more or less- it was a military school. But the series are completely different now. If he is taking over the Bass Empire he needs a higher education
Maybe at the famous New York University, close to the office - I mean he is smart and he did hore a smart guy to take the tests for him, so he should have great scores!!!


Hi ye all!!!
First before I forget:
-it would awesome if blair cheated on chuck, I mean I do not want it to happen, nut it would be kind of ironic since, IF they DO get together you would kind off expect Chuck to mess it all up first.
- Then what is wrong with you all!!! This is the 21st century, and a girl should think about her future career, I mean trust me I am THE BIGGGGGGEST FAN of Chair (I watch scenes with them every day and am addicted to only them. when the new episodes come i don´t even care to watch the rest of the show where they aren´t together...beforeseventh episode in season 1 I actually hated the show!!! Is it just me who thought it was boring... JUAT LIKE THE BOOKS). Blair should go to Yale, and I don´t think that Chuck would let her to even think about this. I do not believe that he wouldwant her to stay in NY just for his sake. I mean that woulde like an engagement!!!
- Is itjust me who has noticed that CB is a lot like Rory and Logan. Logan was a womanizer, rich and HOT and so is Chuck! The university at stake is Yale in both series...
- I think that the producers will use the Yale choice as a break between C and B. He will tell her to go, or break up with her or something like that to set her free...GOOD ENDING FOR NEXT SEASON
- Also, Vanessa, THANKS for the B bulimia disorder and Chuck being her Knight in Shining Armour
- This whole thing about Dan and the teacher is so cooool
- V and Nate have to break up


YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! arron and sernea BREAK UP !!!!! omg!!! so HAAPPY!!!! i hated him!!


I started a vote for whom is the most charming actor in gossip girl, until now, the result is chuck bass---19/19(100%)


nice new year resolutions noofar lol


I like very much Derena but I also like Chair too. In my opinion chair give action to GG, but derena is also a very important part of the show. Yes, sometimes they're boring but we coudn't imagine GG witout them.


ds are making out an extra told us that and that it is in episode 16 ..so and the episode 16 will be as good at the 1x01-1x13 episodes ..i mean a cool epsiode that is what someone of gg told us


I don't think Blair would cheat either. When they get together it will last, that is what I love about them. It' like sweet anticipation....or as Blair put it 'There can be some excruciating pleasure in that'. Now q, where did you see the opera scene? What link was that?

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