Gossip Girl Spoilers For 2009

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Nothing particularly new or groundbreaking here - just a summary of the Gossip Girl spoilers and story lines to come in January, courtesy of today's New York Post.

The Gossip Girl romance between Serena van der Woodsen and Aaron Rose will be cut short, according to the CW - one of many plot shakeups for 2009.

Aaron, the Brooklyn artist with a trust fund played by John Patrick Amedori, will not be returning from Argentina with Serena (Blake Lively) on January 5.

The character of Aaron Rose is getting axed for good after Gossip Girl producers and fans alike failed to warm up to his sketchy, too-smooth persona this fall.

Chuck and Jack Bass

But Serena will have enough on her plate after the passing of stepdad Bart Bass (Robert John Burke), and everyone will be trying to pick up the pieces - including Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington), Bart's younger brother and Chuck Bass' uncle.

Jack appears to help Chuck (Ed Westwick) with his grief after his father's death - although this reportedly may be a ruse as he tries to wrest control of Bass Industries.

Gossip Girl spoilers and rumors suggest that as per his father's will, Chuck will be named CEO of the billion-dollar real estate empire. We'll see how Jack reacts...

There's little word on where the will leaves Lily (Kelly Rutherford), who will be dealing with the fallout after her love interest, Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle), discovered that she gave birth to their secret
love child at the age of 19.

Rufus will seek out the whereabouts of his mystery child, and while Gossip Girl producers reportedly haven't decided if it will be a boy or girl, the half sibling of both Dan and Serena could be appearing around April or May.

Not only does Dan (Penn Badgley) find out about his half-sibling, he gets a new love interest - the hot new Shakespeare teacher (Laura Breckenridge) at school.

Yale early acceptance decisions are also expected to come out, soon, with the graduating seniors reportedly enrolling at three different colleges next year.

The mean girl posse still reigns at Constance Billiard, which Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) will have to contend with when she returns to the prep school in January after dropping out to pursue her fashion design career.

Michelle Trachtenberg is also rumored to have another guest stint on the show as evil Georgina Sparks, Serena's friend-turned-nemesis who was sent off to a boot camp for troubled girls at the end of the first season.

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Suze: Yeah, I agree. Derena were sooo cute last season. It is spoilers about them kissing and getting back together this season. I'm still worried, though. How can they be together when they know about the child? What is the teacher doing with Dan if he's with S? I really hope Dan and Serena find their way back to eachother:) I LOVE Penn and Blake too, they are so adorable:D


I don't ever see CB cheating on each other once they are together. They proved everything to this point to show they will never do anything like that since they love each toher so much


well the thing about cb it is that c sl it is just happening one time and she will be the one ..so i thik when they get together that thing won't happen


what would be interesting is if blair cheated on chuck! that would be craazy.


well someone spotted at the opera making out at episode 16 so....good


I love Dan and Serena together so I was hoping for some spoilers that suggest them getting back together. But if the lovechild is really alive, then this will totally ruin it for DS. I hope Lily had an abortion or something. But from the spoilers, it sounds like she didn't. I just loved the DS relationship from last season...they were like the perfect couple (I guess because it is REAL chemistry since they are dating in real-life). But I AM happy to hear that Chuck and Blair might finally become a couple! It's about time. I really love them too!! They also have awesome chemistry. The last episode of them holding each other in silence was just so cute!


My new year resolution for GG:
1. Is to C and B together in a relationship and both are in love and care for each other.
2. S and D together in a relationship and it does not bother them that they have a half-sibling.
3. Jenny back to normal and having little drama in her life.
4. some N and V drama and love scenes.
5. R and L drama and being in s realtionship as well as finding their love child. This will be an interesting storyline to see. GG FOR FOREVER. ds and bc dor forever


haha i only watch gossip girl for chuck an blair,, well mainly chuck but anyways i was just wondering,wen it comes 2 other characters,like rufus and dan and im just wonderin, wut keeps happening to the other ladies in their lives!? , like wut happended to Bex?, that art lady rufus was just starting 2 pik up and then she just dissapered and he was bak with lilly, or that other lady he was dating wen jenny was bein a fashion designer!, and then thers Dan!, wut happended to amanda and lexi!?, like they were introduced and then just dropped!, I kno they werent important and not very liked but i was just curius, i dunno , i think if borin old derena is gonna happen then they shud at least throw bex bak in ther after all the times she showed up in the ep for rufus, even tho i would prefer lilly and rufus , serena and nate, dan and vanessa, then i wouldnt have 2 worry about blair ever going bak with nate! kk im done!!!


i agree wif u cb4eva bout chuck havin 2 follow b. nd yh i totally agree wif 'i hate lily nd rufus' (altho i dont) on the fact that they dnt rly seem botherd that barts gone nd i preferrd them wen they wernt 2gether but wer continually drawn 2 each other. i lik n+v tho coz i feel v rly liks him nd vice versa btw wen does season 2 air in england???!!!!!

Sarah france

WOW so agree with you!! I hate lily & Rufus too!! they are so selfish and mean! they thing back together 5 min after Bart'funerals! pfff

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