Gossip Girl Spoilers: Lily-Rufus Love Child Update

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Gossip Girl ended 2008 with a bang last Monday in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

In particular, the bombshell dropped in the very last line by Rufus - was it a boy or a girl? - has sparked great discussion in our Round Table and forum.

Here's a little update on the Lily-Rufus love child from Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, who addresses it as part of his spoiler Q&A session ...

Q: Last Monday's episode of Gossip Girl was devastating! I don't know how I'll wait until January. Please give me some good news to hold me over!

A: Lily and Rufus' love child is coming to town! Eventually! According to one of my Gossip Girl insiders, Eric, Serena, Jenny and Dan's half sibling is not expected to show up until April or May at the earliest. Also, I'm told no final decision has been made about the little bastard's gender, but, c'mon, it's got to be a girl. For the cat fight potential alone!

Lily van der Woodsen with Rufus Humphrey

When will we get to meet Rufus and Lily's child, and under what circumstances? Let us know your theories on this intriguing Gossip Girl development!

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I thought the love child died. How can he be alive still unless someone gave them the wrong information. If the love child is a he than i want to know who will be playing him and i bet he is in his early 20's since he was already born before dan/serena/jenny right? or am i wrong?


i thought it was a boy named andrew and he died in a sailing accident because he got pulled in by a riptide


it should be a Him. I can't wait to see how he looks, and will he hook up with any GG girls (like Vanessa and Blair, obviously, Serena and Jenny are out of the question)? or if it's a girl, definitely there will be some catfights between her and Serena, gawd, inheritance money and motherly affection on the Upper East side.


I think the love child is not dead. And yes, he or she will show up later. Let's hope it's a he. We need some more hot men on the show to shake up the females! Drama baby!


First,i thought it was Jack Bass,Chuk's uncle...anyway...alive or dead the child is older than Serena and Dan...so..I supose if it's alive it must be about college age.My guess is it's a boy,because in the book Serena's brother is older and goes at yale...so if eric from the tv show is younger,they must mix the book and the show somehow..
I don't think he is deade...if he were,then why all the drama?it wouldn't make sense why bring it up.My guess is that the suposed boy was adopted,or was secretly taken care of by Lily's mom.


i thought the child was a bo and died from a "sailing" accident. i really hope they dont have another one.


RE: current spoilers about how the child is already dead due to a sailing accident - well, I'm thinking that we're dealing with a possible red herring here. What's going to cause the most drama/distance between Lily/Rufus and their kids? Having the love child dead and that chapter of the book closed immediately, or having the love child *thought* to be dead, followed by arguments and grieving, only for the mystery kid to show up later to wreak havoc on hearts and emotions and the UES in general? My vote is for the latter. ;)


well clearly the child can't be alive seeing as Rufus asked "was it" and not "is it"
Something tells me that another tragic story is coming soon... D:


according to the spoilers so far it was a boy how drowned in a sailing accident and he was called andrew. But it could just be speculation.


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