Gossip Girl Round Table: "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

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As fans venture to our O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" include memorable quotes, Ed Westwick's brilliance, confusing plot elements, heartwarming moments and Lily's secret ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: How can there be any answer to this question that doesn't include Blair Waldorf's three magical words to Chuck Bass? I. Love. You. My subsequent reaction to this long-awaited admission? O.M.G.

Mister Meester: Tie between Blair's lament that "only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist," and Aaron's "are you sure it's your family you don't want to leave" bit. The way he plays Serena is diabolical. I hate him so hard.

Gossip Guy: Because Gossip Girl is finally going to have its fair share of Jewish jokes (a la The OC) thanks to Cyrus, I have to give it to Blair's "I'm not maternal, I've just been spending too much time with Cyrus and I'm turning Jewish. Come on, I see kugel."

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2. How great was Ed Westwick last night?

DANdy: He was incredible. Hello, Emmy Voters? This is Gossip Girl Insider calling. The Best Actor in a Drama race is over.

Mister Meester: On a night when Bart's death could've seemed too quick and easy and turned the show silly, Westwick's performance as disheveled, angry, drunk and broken Chuck elevated both his character and the entire series. Bravo, Ed!

Gossip Guy: If this show wasn't on the CW I'd say that was Emmy-winning. Don't get me wrong, I always love Chuck's scowls and creepy looks, but this episode, we saw real emotion out of him. I don't know where Ed pulls that performance from but well done.

3. Bigger waste of money: Chuck paying for information he torched, or Gossip Girl paying an actress to play Vanessa?

Mister Meester: Vanessa is erratic and inconsistent from episode to episode (if she even appears). Even the Gossip Girl book series author believes this. As for Chuck? He was clearly not of sound mind when he blew it here, so we'll give him a pass.

Gossip Guy: Wow. How dare you throw Gossip Guy some bait like that. I must not fall for it!! Chuck, you moron. Don't you realize your dad already paid for the information and when you're the only bidder you could toss him a $20 and he'd be happy?

DANdy: Chuck wasn't thinking ahead on this one. It's like signing a pitcher with a history of injuries to a long-term contract, or purchasing a domain name with no clue how to make it profitable. Consider all options before making your next big purchase, C.

4. More confusing plot line: Cece's underlying motives regarding Lily, Dan and Serena basing decisions on whether their parents are dating, Aaron jetting off to Buenos Aires for the holidays (with a high school girl, the day after his dad gets married)?

Gossip Guy: Yeah, definitely Aaron. My first question is... which family was he planning on spending the holidays with down there? And why the hell are you ditching your dad and new step mother minutes after they got married? I wish Dan would have stepped up sooner and sent you down there on your own. Maybe you can get a decent haircut and a shave while you're down there. I hear it's cheap.

DANdy: It's unclear why Serena is so concerned over Lily's dating life affecting her own. Is she worried about public perception? Serena has gone to rehab, slept with her best friend's boyfriend, sort of killed a guy and regularly dresses like a prostitute. Going out with Dan while their parents simultaneously date should be the least of her concerns.

Mister Meester: It's a little hard to believe Serena gets so weirded out by her mom's love life, but what's even less clear is whether Cece is out to ruin Lily and Rufus or genuinely wants to "help." And whichever it is, there's no explanation of why.

Cyrus, Elanor, Dorota

5. Kleenex alert! On a scale of 1-10, rate the following heartwarming moments: Blair saying the three little words; The Waldorf-Rose wedding; The Blair-Cyrus talk; The silent Chair embrace.

Gossip Guy: Blair saying I love you: 11. There was actual water in my eyes. I blame the fact that I fired my maids months ago. The Wedding: 8. Let's hope this one lasts. Blair-Cyrus Talk: 9. Cyrus, man, do you pack some heart into that little four-foot frame of yours. Chair Embrace: 7. I love Chair. I love anything having them to be close together. But Blair, you couldn't have taken his shoes off? You know the rule about what you can do to guys to pass out with their shoes on. Grand Total: 35!

DANdy: Blair's words: 17. See answer to question #1. The wedding: 2.5. I was crying due to the presence of Aaron more than the vows being exchanged. Blair/Cyrus: 8.5. There's just not enough of the soft side of Blair. Not enough. The Chair embrace: 9.9. Drunk Chuck is scarier than made-up Jenny, but sad and vulnerable Chuck warms our heart like a hug from Cyrus. Grand Total: 37.4!

Mister Meester: The fact that I forgot to open the flue in the fireplace and nearly burned my house down prior to the show (much to the chagrin of Mrs. Meester) may have played a small role, but our eyes were watering big time last night. 9s across the board with a special nod to Cyrus Rose, who helped make the episode, first with his impromptu proposal to Eleanor and then the scene in which he told Blair he loves her. *sniff* What a ridiculous, romantic and tiny man. Grand Total: 36!

BONUS QUESTION: In response to the episode's final question, as posed by Rufus: Was it a boy or a girl? Will we meet him or her, and how?

Mister Meester: Mrs. Meester and I had a long debate after the closing scene, wondering if Eric were the love child or an abortion was still a possibility, given the past-tense (was) in Rufus' confrontation. There wouldn't be anywhere for those angles to go, however, and the Gossip Girl spoilers involving a new character are abundant! I'm thinking boy.

Gossip Guy: First, I'd like to say I called the love child since the first time the envelope was mentioned. You can look up my past Round Table if you'd like. I'm going to have to say it's a boy and his name is Eric. That boy needs family right now and I can think of no better dad than Rufus. P.S. if you're looking to adopt, Rufus, I'll be on the next plane.

DANdy: It was a girl. We'll meet her in a future episode and Rufus will make all viewers happy by replacing Jenny with this less annoying daughter.


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so i think blair only did it with jack in exchange to get chuck. she loves him right? said she'd stand right beside him no matter what right? enough to sleep with jack to go find him? i think so.


OMG how messed up would it b id gorgina was there live chind shes soposed2 come back


hahahaha LEXYB... i thought of that too.. coz of how he stares at people... but more of batman, because of the hoarse voice hahaha.. but a superb performance from chuck nonetheless :))


1. Favorite quote.
I'm sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don't come looking for me. Chuck (C's right that B deserves better, but wrong if he thinks she'll give up on him that easily.)
2. How great was Ed Westwick? Very. (I go along with the consensus here.)
3. Bigger waste of money? Neither. Regardless of what he told Lily, I say Chuck paid for the paper intending to destroy it.
4. Confusing plot line. Not Aaron leaving. Didn't you notice that Cyrus and Eleanor are going to Paris? On their honeymoon! I go with Cece and her mysterious agenda.
5. Moments. Three little words: 10. The wedding: 9. Blair and Cyrus. 7. The silent embrace: 10+.
BONUS: Boy. If he's alive, he must be older than Dan or Serena, so he's probably not someone we know. I cling to the hope that he isn't really Rufus's, even though Rufus thinks so.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? of course, Serena: I don't know if I can go away right now. My family is a disaster. My brother is lonely, my mother is losing it, and Chuck has publicly disowned our family.
Aaron: Are you sure it's your family you don't want to leave, or someone else? stupid aaron she's right you know and your the one who didn't want to commit! 2. How great was Ed Westwick last night? I love how everyone loves to hate chuck... he got a great sense of style and the evil smirk makes him sexy but he gets n people's heads and he alienates him and for once in an episode he showed humanity, take that blair, and well we all knew the warm and fuzzy chuck was in there but now that we have seen his soft side where will chuck go? as far as im concerned change ed's name to chuck he was born for this role... 3. Bigger waste of money: Chuck paying for information he torched, or Gossip Girl paying an actress to play Vanessa? i say vanessa should be the evil one haha she should be the bald lesbian she was in the books and she should make everyone miserable keep georgina away and make vanessa turn to the darkside but to actually answer the question... why did he burn it if he paid for it at least put it in a safe DUH 4. More confusing plot line: Cece's underlying motives regarding Lily, Dan and Serena basing decisions on whether their parents are dating, Aaron jetting off to Buenos Aires for the holidays (with a high school girl, the day after his dad gets married)? yea what the hell serena's step dad just died and aaron's dad got married and i mean serena and dan are inevitable but i think she'll stik her finger in her throat fake bing sick skip the flight and shack up with her danny boy and aaron looks really greasy are we sure he isn't homeless how is he on the east side anyways? but if he can't afford a reality check how can he afford a flight and ms van der woodsen 5. Kleenex alert! On a scale of 1-10, rate the following heartwarming moments:
Blair saying the three little words; 10
The Waldorf-Rose wedding: 6 it's the east side i dont EVER wanna see wedding i could afford
The Blair-Cyrus talk; 8 everyone loves a touching moment that isn't inappropriate but i almost expected it :P
The Silent Chair embrace. 9 about time


wow, i might be wrong but did Lily like totally forget about Eric (she was leaving with Rufus)
What was he going to do
If she did then thats awful, u cant just leave ur son, especially not after he lost a stepfather and brother!


GUYSS!!! get it through ur head its not ERIC OR SERENA!! its some dead guy named andrew lol. and yes aaron needs to get love DERENA IS AMAZINGG!!


must admit for the 1st time while watchin gg i did shed a tear for dan was definitely my fave ep


guys, it's NOT eric! serena would have been born already


CHAIR EMBRACE = best Christmas gift ever! too bad it didn't last just like their trip to europe last season...