90210 Preview: "Love Me or Leave Me"

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This Tuesday, on an all-new 90210, Adrianna reveals her secret to her BFF and her boyfriend. How will they take the news?

And what is in store for Dixon and Silver?

Check out the following preview for "Love Me or Leave Me" and get an idea:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/love-me-or-leave-me-promo/" title="Love Me or Leave Me Promo"] [/video]

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This show was so lame - I shut it off after the first 15 minutes...no old characters, I will not watch this show w/o Kelly or Brenda (or at least, Donna).


does anyone know
the song that was playing on the promo,! i luv it


In response to everything that is being said: I was very annoyed to learn that Adrianna was preggos... mainly because the writers of this show are using all the good teen plots in the first season... they need to spread them out a little more. I do not think Brenda will adopt the kid because then Adrianna would easily be able to see it again, and people who put their kids up for adoption usually dont want to be around that kid or their new parents a lot. I think Sean will probably try and rape Naomi... (again with the cliche teen plots in the first season). I wish Naomi would kill Annie... because seriously, Annie is the most annoying out of the girls and is the ugliest. Naomi, Adrianna, and Silver would be much better. Xtina... lame... again.


Naomi isn't starting rumors she thinks Adrianna is using for umpteenth time but she really is pregnant and Naomi doesn't know. Brenda is not a sure thing to adopt the kid. Sean I definitely believe he'll be back for Naomi and Annie, he put some creepy photos of Naomi on his mirror in his scenes. IDK how they haven't fought pyshically yet. Xtina already said she's Bi..she's had men and women before. Ofcourse she wants Dixon heck I'd want him. Silver is definitely prettier. I don't think he'll leave her and no it won't be because he's black and she's black, I'd like to think it's because of chemistry instead of that.


Adrianna is not using again, Naiomi is just good for starting rumors and not listening to people, A is prolly trying to tell her friend shes pregoo... She prolly passesout in lab because shes pregooo....
Brenda will prolly adopt the baby, Sean is def gonna go after Annie in some kinda way..... Annie needs to knock Niaomi out.... I know I would of by now.. And Lauren is def not a lesbo...She's saying she is to get closer to Dixon...why would she of told her dad so much about him??? And even tho Silver is WAYYYYYY prettier then Lauren, he'll prolly leave Silver for her... and i'll give u 1 guess why...

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