90210 Round Table: "By Accident"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Dixon and Silver's break up, Ty's duty and Ryan's love life ...

Is this really it for Dixon and Silver?
BrendaLova: No. Silver may act self-centered sometimes (okay, ALL the time), but she has a good heart. She'll apologize to Dixon and all will be right again in their dating world.

The Real McKay: I sure hope so.  As I said in my last Round Table, I think Silver has become one of the worst characters on TV.  She's just plain mean.  She has yet to apologize to our poor man Dixon.  Anyone else notice she never even apologized to Ryan or even thank him for letting her back in the class?  Teach that girl some manners... and then feed her a cheeseburger.

Wild4Wilds: No way. Have you ever heard of a high school relationship that was over with one break up?!?

Will Ty responsibly fulfill his role as Adrianna's baby daddy?
The Real McKay: As in, will he cut checks for child support?  Absolutely.  Will he at all help raise the freakishly tall baby?  God no.

: He won't want to, but give the guy credit for one thing: dude can seriously act! He'll at least pretend to be there for his son/daughter.

BrendaLova: He won't need to. I'm sticking to the prediction that Adrianna gives her baby to Brenda.

More likely for Ryan to date next: Kelly, or the new drama teacher?
Wild4Wilds: Kelly, though it may take awhile. She clearly understands Ryan better than anyone, but we've witnessed Kelly's dating history. It takes her many tries before she gets it right.

BrendaLova: The new teacher. Forget saving the drama for her mama, she's gonna serve it up on a (naked!) platter for Ryan.

The Real McKay
: Definitely the new drama teacher.  He used the oldest line in the book.  He wanted her to teach his students Cleopatra?!?  Yeah, I tried that line last night at the bar.  Didn't work for me.   Maybe I was lacking Ryan's five o'clock shadow.

More annoying aspect of Annie: Her constant whining, or her constant lack of eating?
BrendaLova: The selfish whining. You forced Ethan to try out for the play, then threw a pity party by yourself when you didn't get the lead role? Come on, Annie!

The Real McKay: Definitely the whining!  You get your jock boyfriend to swallow his pride and audition for the theater and then plan to ditch him at the cast party because you didn't get the lead?  Wah!  But if you do want to split that cheeseburger I offered Silver, you guys could probably do it.  I couldn't imagine either of you eating more than a pickle off it, anyways.

Wild4Wilds: The whining. It's obvious Shenae Grimes hasn't eaten in a few weeks, but Annie hasn't gone more than a few seconds without complaining about something.

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give her a break! shes just a teenager k, and as far as i know, we love whining and complaining, its NORMAL! if anything i think annie brings a lot of reality in how average teenagers are into the show!


I disagree. Shenae Grimes sucks hardcore. She does ruin the show, its really sad when you find yourself rooting for the antagonists on the show. I love it when Naomi punks Annie and thats sad. Im supposed to root for Annie but shes a whiner and annoying.


i completely agree with chrissy about shenae grimes!


I DO NOT understand why everyone is so hard on Shenae Grimes!! I love the show and I think she plays the part of Annie so well. As for Ethan, I read on another spoiler site that he is not the one to get seriously injured, the person he hits is.... but I don't want to reveal too much!!!


omfg i cannot stand shenae grimes! she is the worst actress ever and she is so annoying! the only reason why 90210 sucks is because of her! thank god for adrianna cause she makes up for all the crap annie brings to this show.


Well I guess I was'nt the only one who thought annie is a whiner lol...


Annie really needs to stop whinning, because it's really getting old, does she know how many people get turned away from parts, she should at least be greatful. Also, I agree she got Ethan, who has never thought to do anything but sports try out for the play just so he could be with her more, which clearly shows how much he likes and cares for her, so for now I would say Ethan is a Keeper, and how could you guys not talk about Ethan's car accident at the end of the episode, I wonder what happens to him.


navid nd adriana 4 lyfe!!!!!! i cant beeleive ty iz ade's baby daddy!!!!!!!!!!

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