Addison's New Man Sticking Around ... But For How Long?

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It isn't enough that Private Practice's Addison (Kate Walsh) can't go a week without a guy; now, it seems, Dr. Montgomery can't seem to go a week without more than one.

Though in last night's episode, she and Kevin attempted to resolve their relationship issues, while she took a closer look at Wyatt - and it looks like he's sticking around.

Josh Hopkins has signed on for five episodes as the cocky surgeon with whom our lead M.D. will play doctor. What do you think of Wyatt and Addison? Let us know!

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im love Kevin and Addison (L) Is beatifuul (L)


(sorry for mistakes, my english is not as well as I'd like it to be) If 2x13 was the last episode with Wyatt, I think that was the best way they could end Addie&Wyatt 'relationship'. She found him interesting, but I think it was only because of not having a real, strong and adult man with her. Just think about situation when Wyatt stays and Addie and him are trying to be together? He's not that kinda man. I'm curious about her next man;) Do you think that in GA & PP crossover there will be some hot scenes between Addison and Mark? Is Josh Hopkins the name of actor who played Wyatt??? Cause a man in the picture doesn't look like Wyatt...


i saw in one site that josh hopkins already appeared in five episodes. but before this news was released, saying that he'll be in five episodes, he already did two (i think). does that episode count, or not? i like kevin because he's sweet and caring. but i just really find him annoying by not understanding addison sometimes.
i just like wyatt whenever he and addie banters. it's like he's mark, just he LA version.
and pete? well, i don't know. since season 2, they don't talk that much anymore. it's like their spark and attraction to each other last season was gone like a bubble.


I see no chemistry between Addie and Wyatt, nor is he the right guy for her. She had the arrogant with a God complex doctor already. She needs someone else, someone like Alex third season. Someone how cares about her.

Trisha gain

I hate Addison with Wyatt. Kevin is hot and down-to-earth and exactly what Addison need because he challenges her to break out of her "trust fund baby" ways!!!


um is anyone still hoping that addie and pete will get together? I mean, I love pete and violet, but I L-O-V-E pete and addison haha but i hate kevin, he never seemed right to me, and i really hate wyatt. he's just not good enough for our beloved addie. seriously, she needs to find someone new and good, like a new mcdreamy or something...


Addison and Wyatt?? Not a match..Wyatt is not the kind of Addison thing..
Addison and Kevin?? Ok..Kevin is sweet but not a great match for Addison..
but Addison and Pete?? Still, they are a perfect match..they meant to be together...i hope


I love Addison and Kevin!!
they are so adorable. :D


considering her relationship with Kevin Addie won't became a cheater once again because she will break it with the cop. in last episode they didn't do much but arguing so I think it won't last long. Kevin can't accept Addie as she is and has issues with her money and Wyatt has similar past as Addie so I think she should be with Wyatt.


Just pls don't make addie become a cheater again.. everybody loves her character already.. pls. don't spoil it.. Still I think pete and addie were meant to be..


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