Edie Falco May Return to 30 Rock

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Edie Falco is coming back to TV - and while her first plans are to shoot a new Showtime series called Nurse Jackie (which airs this summer), the Emmy-winning actress also tells us she could very well end up back on 30 Rock once her schedule clears.

After all, both shows happen to shoot in New York City, and we know a certain vice president of East Coast television and microwave oven programming may be missing her.

"I can't be [on 30 Rock] until [Nurse Jackie] is done, but I would do it again in a heartbeat," Edie told E! Online, adding that she only has five more episodes of Jackie to shoot.

Jack and CeCe

As liberal Vermont Congresswoman and unexpected Jack love interest Cece, Falco fit right in on 30 Rock, and for that, she credits this piece of advice from her on-screen love:

"Alec Baldwin actually said to me on my first day, 'Everything you ever taught yourself as an actor not to do because it's bad acting, do it on this show.'"

Awesome. That line belongs among the best 30 Rock quotes, even if it wasn't spoken on the actual program. We've got to get these two back together.

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