Gossip Girl Spoilers: Joining Forces with the Enemy

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Desperate times call for desperate measures on the Upper East Side. So Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports in his weekly spoiler Q&A today ...

Q: Come on give us scoop on Gossip Girl!

A: First let me say that Monday's episode, "You've Got Yale," was an absolute triumph on all levels (acting, writing, directing)... which makes the fact that it was the lowest-rated of Season Two all the more depressing. (Time to reboot the system, Nielsen!)

On the Gossip Girl spoiler front, what brings Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) back to town is actually not her seemingly infatigable quest to piss off frenemy Serena. Quite the contrary, in fact. Take it away, Josh Schwartz:

The Evil G

"Certain times a situation becomes so dire that it requires the assistance of even your most sworn enemy," the Gossip Girl executive producer says.

"It just might come to pass that Serena and Blair find themselves in a situation where they have no recourse other than to recruit Georgina Sparks."

In other Gossip Girl news, the show is casting a possibly recurring role of an "unassumingly cute" 16-year-old male. Sound like Jenny's getting a new suitor?

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I love DS, I do, and I agree with earlier posts- they are a central couple to the show. But, lately their chemistry has been weird because of everything that has gone on with their relationship, and it's made things a bit awkward.
The thing is, I think that if the writers put Serena with a guy who is not a core character, it would turn into another Aaron Rose- everybody will hate it. That said, Serena really needs to be with Dan or with Nate. To be honest, I sort of would like to see her with Nate over Dan at this point because it's just awkward.
I wonder if Vanessa is going to cheat on Nate with his cousin...
I'm excited for Georgina to come back! I hated her last time, but she sure did stir up some controversy.


nanyy is cool.


Well here are some spoilers that are all tentative because of the Lily situations
a)Jenny will eventually get a plotline again. Next season she might be more of a focus, but not as much as Dan Serena Chuck Blair Nate and Vanessa are.
b)Chuck is not dead to Blair by any means, and neither is she to him.
c)Vanessa & Nate are not going anywhere couple wise. They will be helping Chuck eventually work out an issue that may or may not involve Blair as well.
d)There will be more tuxedos in the coming episodes.
e)The secret with Jack will be revealed eventually. Don't count on it being as major as everyone thinks it is. It may be a good thing disguised as a bad thing.
f)The core couple that will come back together is not Dan&Serena or Nate with anyone, he is with Vanessa and it will stay that way.
g)I read up a few threads that Vanessa needs to straighten her hair, we have tested that but it might not work for her character.
h)There was a cut scene from tonights episode of Chuck gazing at Blair longingly after seeing Nate & Vanessa in the box. This is just a clue that B&C are far from over and Blair is what he really wants. The nanny thing is a minor plotline. However that plotline I would not give away because it becomes a major issue in the future. The next episode is really good, it was supposed to air a week from tonight but the network wanted to stretch the season so that it will work with the regular scheduling. Also the promo as far as I know hasnt been fully edited. It might come out tomorrow or not




ooooo okayyy thanks so much d!!! i was so confusedd lol.


the nanny's name is elle, played by kate french, she plays a mysterious nanny that comes and goes with chuck




heyyy kelseyy123...nothing much u?? and yea nanny and natee...to bad i dont no who the nanny iss still lol!! omg i love gossip girll


omg doug412....ill be ur friend...wuts up?? and omg i think the nanny should go out with nate!!! they be awesome togetherrrr!!! gg

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