Grey's Anatomy Photos: "Beat Your Heart Out"

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We've seen the promo, read the synopsis and discussed some of the potential spoilers on tap for next Thursday's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, entitled "Beat Your Heart Out."

Now, here's a little photo gallery that should further enhance the debate.

Is Derek going to pop the question? Will Mark and Lexie go public? Is a romance between Callie and Arizona in the works? Click to enlarge the photos below and share your thoughts ...

The Call
Raising Arizona
About to Propose?
Derek Observes Mark and Lexie
Alex and Izzie Picture
Yang and Hunt
Dr. Arizona Robbins
Brain Damage
O'Malley Photo!
Pop it, D!
Sending a Signal
More Girl-on-Girl?
Going Public?
Mexie Love
Callie, Mark and Lexie
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Please people...! Lexie and Mark are so cute together! It is fun to see Mark with a softer side and starting to REALLY feel something about a woman!


I don't know what is going on, but I do know that what they are doing to TR isn't right. TR is an amazing actor, and he deserves a whole lot better and so do we George fans.


Cleo-- Aren't new people allowed to join messageboard? I'm not Shonda or one of her minions. I just have a brain too and the right to my own opinions. My point above wasn't that it is TR's fault. I like George and would like to see more of him. I definitely don't want him to leave the show. I was trying to make the point that as fans, we don't know what is going on behind the scenes with TR, Shonda, or anyone. We aren't in the meetings.


So it seems this one photo of George is all we will see, as he has 10 seconds this episode again. GRRR, I hate Shonda.


I miss George so much. I don't care what is going on with TR and the show, to be honest. I just want George back on my screen. I want him to be there for Izzie, and I want him to be with Lexie, not Mark. Mark and Lexie suck so bad.


Exactly, his castmates are hanging out with TR OUTSIDE the set. This is not something new either. They always did. Of all the stars on Grey, TR has always been the one who is friends with the most of his colleagues outside the show. He goes to their premieres, they go on trips together, to movies together. They have ALWAYS spoken very highly of him way before the rumors ever started and even way before the IW incident. All the fans who have met him have said how humble and sweet he is. Shonda, on the other hand, has the reputation of being a diva, contropl freak who is vindictive and will get her revenge on an actor the minute he doesn't bow at her feet. What she did to Katie with the Denny thing shows that. I find it weird that the last efw days, those new people have showed up and started defending Shondaco. Let me guess. Maybe it is Shonda or some of her minions writing here and trying to turn people on their side since almost everyone is on TR's side. It isn't working, you know. Give it up. There is absolutely no excuse for treating their best male actor like that just because he is gay and doesn't meet your superficial criterion of male beauty. A lot of us find TR just perfect as he is, and know he is the best male actor on the show and the only trace of humanity on it. I do take it seriously. When I have to watch that incest couple Slexiepuke go at it every episode, I at least expect the best character on the show, George, to have a real story too to help me pass the heartburn.


And then Birdleigh the five Mexie fans started to spam this board like they said they would on other sites, so yeah it is still 5 people. Most people hate Slexiepuke. Little question JMS, are TR's colleagues also hanging out with him off-screen, going on trips with like like Melissa George, to the theater with him like Eric and Sara, to look good too? Give me a break! It is much more than not badmouthing him. They keep saying amazing things about him, how he is the sweetest person, how they all adore him, how he is the furthest thing from a diva. Those people could have just said no comments or said it's not true and left it at that, but no, they hung out with him off-set and went out of their way to say what a great person he was. When the show was trying their best to make him look bad, they put their jobs at risk defending him. That says it all about TR that his colleagues could risk their job for him. It is a well known fact that Katie and TR are two of the most popular among their colleagues and two of the most social out of the group. TR even becomes friends with all the guest stars. Melissa George accompanied him to Argentina, that says it all. TR isn't saying anything publically because he is a class-act. I do believe he should speak out loud though like Katherine heigl did. Everyone is on his side anyway. The show is the one looking bad, not him here.


Hello fellow Mark and Lexie fans finally some people to back me up! Not that there is anything wrong with people who don't like them thats your opinon. I was just starting to fell lonely as one of like five people rooting for them on here. Rock on Slexie :)


Mark and Lexie are the happening couple!!!


First, no one really knows what happens in the offices or on the set of Grey's unless you work there. So no one can say for sure if TR brought this upon himself or not. He probably isn't making any comments because his public relations people told him to keep quiet because either way he could look bad. And his castmates aren't going to bad mouth him because they don't want to make themselves look bad and they still have to work with him. I'm not saying that TR did anything. I'm just saying no one should fuss over it this much because no one has any idea. Magazines articles and other media aren't proof of anything. Also, on Carole's comment, "I bet you would shut up if your favorite character had been treated that way for more than a year now, and you would be outraged too." No one should be this upset over a TV show. I love TV and write TV, but some of the comments on here are excessive. No one has any idea what happened. Unless you work for the show and can prove it, you don't know what happened.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Derek: I am calling post-it, Zola, Bailey, the tumors on the wall, ferryboat scrub caps. I thought D.C. was everything. I was wrong. You... you're everything. I love you and I'm not going to stop loving you. I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you, and I'm going to do everything in my power to prove it.
Meredith: I can live without you, but I don't want to. I don't ever want to.