House: 100 Episodes Young!

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On February 2, House celebrates its 100th episode.

Our friend Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has a preview of events set to take place on this milestone installment of the series:

Cameron will prove a most unworthy successor to Cuddy's throe, causing the new mother to reluctantly return to work. On whom does she take out her frustrastions? Everyone's favorite cantankerous doctor, of course.

Cameron, House

Cuddy spends the entire episode terrorizing House; swiping his cane, installing a tripwire in his doorway, screwing with the elevators so he's forced to take the stairs, etc.

So, why does Cameron failed so miserably at Cuddy's job?

"She's a little afraid of herself in that position because she has trouble saying no to House," actress Jennifer Morrison said. "It's tough, because she knows first-hand that sometimes his crazy requests are ultimately very important. It was fun [doing the episode]. Hugh and I had a really great time."

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