Foreman and Wilson
Watch House Season 8 Episode 23
"Everybody Dies"
Original Air Date:

It's the series finale of House. Will everyone we know make it out alive?

The House Swan Song
Watch House Season 8 Episode 22
"Swan Song"
Original Air Date:

This is the first part of the House series finale event, as fans say goodbye to the long-running series.

Trying to Hang On
Watch House Season 8 Episode 21
"Holding On"
Original Air Date:

We learn Wilson's fate on the second-to-last episode of House. Skylar Astin also guest stars.

House & Wison Take a Trip
Watch House Season 8 Episode 20
"Post Mortem"
Original Air Date:

A pathologist will only trust House to diagnosis him but House can't be found.

Ready to Help Wilson
Watch House Season 8 Episode 19
"The C Word"
Original Air Date:

House deals with one of his biggest nightmares this week, treating Wilson and his cancer diagnosis.

House Listens
Watch House Season 8 Episode 18
"Body and Soul"
Original Air Date:

A boy's dreams of being choked lead to real symptoms. Elsewhere, Dominika discovers a secret about House.

House and Dominika Plot Sabotage
Watch House Season 8 Episode 17
"We Need The Eggs"
Original Air Date:

House and the case tackle a case of a patient who is bleeding from the eyes. House and Dominika try to sabotage Emily's upcoming wedding.

Chase and Grandma
Watch House Season 8 Episode 16
"Gut Check"
Original Air Date:

Chase gets to know Park's grandmother on this episode of House, while House and Wilson dine together.

House and His Team
Watch House Season 8 Episode 15
"Blowing the Whistle"
Original Air Date:

The diagnostic team is afraid House is keeping something from them on this episode of the Fox drama.

Michael B. Jordan on House
Watch House Season 8 Episode 14
"Love is Blind"
Original Air Date:

House receives a visit from his mother this week, while TV Fanatic favorite Michael B. Jordan guest stars as a blind patient.

House Quotes

You know another really good business? Teeny tiny baby coffins. You can get them in frog green or fire engine red. Really. The antibodies in yummy mummy only protect the kid for six months, which is why these companies think they can gouge you. They think that you'll spend whatever they ask to keep your kid alive. Want to change things? Prove them wrong. A few hundred parents like you decide they'd rather let their kid die than cough up forty bucks for a vaccination, believe me, prices will drop really fast.


You're an ass!

Dr. Adams