House Spoilers Focus on Wilson, Kutner and Taub

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The latest round of House spoilers, via E! Online, focuses on three of the show's peripheral character.

First, series executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore spoke to Kristin Dos Santos and said that Wilson's family life will soon be explored. Said Jacobs: 

"Wilson does have this brother, and David has just written a beautiful episode where that comes into play again."

As for Kal Penn's Kutner?

"[Kutner] does have an arc this season - you'll see him more at home, with the giant bowl of cereal, for example, and we'll see how the thing with his parents affects him," the actor said.

Kutner, House

Finally, Peter Jacobsen chimes in. Will we see Taub outside of the hospital later this season?

"There's trouble in paradise with Taub's marriage. Nothing too drastic at the moment, but there's difficulties looming."

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Jennifer Morrison begins filming the movie warrior with Nick Nolte in early April in Pennsylvania. She recently finished filming in Star Trek. Maybe she's making the leap to the big screen. As in real life, her and Jesse Spencer broke their engagement, she may not enjoy being on House in the peripheral role she has had of late. If they're going to "off" someone, she makes sense. The storyline of a woman caring for a man mirrors her own story of marrying a dying man in many ways. She'd certainly be major and shocking as a death. I could see it moving Cuddy and House closer too. Any thoughts?

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