Rose Flack, Taylor Vaifanua Lead Salt Lake City Auditions

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It was an evening of impressive singing and even more impressive personal stories last night on American Idol.

Here's a rundown of the four contestants that stood out the most, all of whom are off to Hollywood:

  • Meghan Corkrey: 23-year old, a font designer from Sandy, Utah. Recently divorced, single mother. Sang "Can't Help Lovin' That Man."
  • Rose Flack: Pictured, Most heart-breaking and/or inspiring story so far. Both parents died by the time she was 15; lives with foster family. 17-year old sang " I Feel the Earth Move."

Rose Flack Picture
  • David Osmond: Son of Alan Osmond, former member of The Osmond Brothers. This 28-year old suffers from multiple sclerosis.
  • Taylor Vaifanua: 16-year old high school student. Compared to Jordin Sparks by Randy Jackson. Sang "Joyful, Joyful" for her audition.

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