Super Gossip Girl: Taylor Momsen Avoids Paparazzi

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This is pretty great.

A video is circulating online of Gossip Girl actress / model Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) evading a crush of paparazzi after finishing her workout at the gym.

It's not really Taylor making the escape here - rumor has it this was filmed for a Nike commercial - but the first time you watch, it looks pretty convincing.

Who knew T-Moms was a part-time superhero? Check it out below ...

[video url="" title="Taylor Momsen Escapes Paparazzi"] [/video]

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I would really like it if you guys posted some videos featuring a juicy set of man boobs.


LOL! It's obvious that it's a commercial for Nike, just look at how they zoom in on her shoes and no way she could jump around like that! Unless...she does parkour.


at first i thought that it was real, then i realized, she probably doesn't get that much pap attention, and then i saw the stuff beyond the stairs... what a joke!




was that a commercial,, or was she rlly running away from the paparazzi??


wow that was frkn amazing ,, howd she do all that,, i absolutely love her:)


Even if it wasn't Jenny Humphrey, someone around her size did all those things, and that's freakin awesome! Plus I like the shoes.


when i 1st saw this i knew it was fake... i believed it till the part where taylor decides to jump down the stairs. it was very obvious that it was a stuntman with those u know stunt ropes probably attached. And of course it's a Nike ad. i mean did u realize the extent they went to to make sure they filmed her nike shirt and shoes. But still, taylor did it very convincingly. Good job.


The hair gave it all away... lol.


LMFAOOO, at first i thought that was real, then i was like...wait... good commercial, funny


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