Taylor Momsen at Golden Globe After-Party

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen attended the InStyle/Warner Bros. after-party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday night for the Golden Globe Awards.

The 15-year-old actress/model wore a black fringe gown:

Momsen, T.

Taylor Momsen recently dished to Teen Vogue that she doesn’t have a stylist and typically does her wardrobe, makeup and hair all herself. Wonder if that was true last night!

Click to enlarge more pictures of the Gossip Girl starlet at the event ...

Hair She Is!
Golden Globe Gorgeous
Taylor Momsen at the Globes
T-Moms at Golden Globes
Golden Globe Style
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ggloverxx;I agree with you.I dont like the dress on her.
Chucks bear;You need to shut up.
Madison;Your a hater.Every photo ive been on i see you talking trash.Stfu and get out.You make me sick.
Furygrrl;I agree with you the most.Taylor is just her.All you haters can go die in a ditch.X)


i think she is pretty and all but i hve to be honest i dont rly like the dress, but i love her experimenting with outfits


Her hair looks so much better this way! It's about freakin time she grew it out again!


she acutally looks cute!


Wow she looks gorgeous! At 15 if you look THAt gorgeous then my o my she'll look a bombshell when she reaches say 23!


hideous... she looked better if the dress fit her right the best part is that i see no more of those racoon eyes...


She used to remind me of a mermaid, now she makes me think of a Wicked witch. I don't say they all have to look cheesy (like a Disney star), but this make-up doesn't do her a favour. But then you guys are right - we all do weird make-up when we are teens :D. Seems like some kind of adolescent illness which gets cured with age :)


her hair is awful here.


i liked her taylors old hair.. she looks a bit too gothic


The dress doesn't go with her hair. Other than that she looks good

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