Ed Westwick, Blake Lively on Gossip Girl Set

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What's this dapper fellow got up his sleeve this week? We can't say for sure, but he definitely looks more in character here than he did playing basketball.

In this most recent batch of Gossip Girl photos from the show's New York City set, Ed Westwick looks like he's scheming up something. And handsome.

Up to No Good?

Click to enlarge more pictures of Ed Westwick on the set, and some of his beautiful co-star Blake Lively as well! Wonder what Chuck and Serena are up to ...

Phone Call
The Bassman
Over Here!
A Blonde Beauty
Hi! Hi!
What's Up His Sleeve?
Ed W.
Getting Makeup Done

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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chuck wears the same wardrobe when he had a run-in with georgina!


OMG i jus saw the new promo and it looks like its chuck and blair on the bed towards the end also.

Sarah france

OMFG blair in 32 sec make out with 3 guys!!
yeurk why vanessa is still here?


the new promo is SO OMG. i can't wait

Sarah france

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OMFG
how is with Chuck at the end?


Aubrey, I've seen it. OMG literally!
Haha 'You are staring at my boobs!?'


*cough* new promo:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... :D


Okay but isn't that the same suit in the Grandfather poster?


Serena and Blair have a tumultous friendship but they have each other's back in the end. Glad S is joining forces with C to help Blair. At least that is what I'm hoping here. After all, Chuck is her adopted step- brother now.


Who wants Natie for herself, Blair C.A? I think Blake suits them so well!


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