Gossip Girl Promotional Poster: "The Grandfather"

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Last week, we posted a promotional poster featuring Serena and Blair in "The Age of Dissonance," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, scheduled for Monday, March 16.

Below is a similar poster - using the same tagline (Two reputations destroyed. Now for the second act ...) for the following week's episode, entitled "The Grandfather."

Could there be some much-anticipated Chuck-Blair drama to come? And what role will the grandfather - presumably Nate's - play in this episode? What do you think?

Gossip Girl: The Grandfather

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I have a feeling nate and chucks relationship is about to turn sour once again, chuck looks like he has something heavy on his mind.


IDK but there is something about this promo poster that looks very shady. . . Im thinking that Chuck and Blair are going to have an affair while she is with Nate. Everything seems tovbe pointing to that. I also think the promos consist of the next 3 episodes. . .


Oh my God! Just came back from Italy (was there for ten days) and I can't believe what happened during the past week! What happened to Blair Waldorf's day off? What with Chair? Now I'll have to spend the next hours searching the site for up dates!
Love the new promos


Okay so I think I figured part of it now the age of dissodance is going to deffinatly be the play and the whole dan rachel thing will come to an end and the BN reunion will probably start but personlly I think this is a charade in the grandfather Ns grandpa probabbly comes to visit N and give him of registe him in the inheritance Carter is coming back and helping B make a complete
fool of herself including C to start to fight against Carter for Blair, Blair will probably see this which leads her into pushing C in to a wall and talking about the past something she never does which will probably take them to the out of the hand party, after that I'm still trying to put the puzzle together
I don't think G will come till maby at the end of the season Cmmnts plz!!!!!!!!!!!!


yea its defintely the same outfit as the promo! looks amazing, im literally dying here!


LOL, looks like chuck is starring at blair's boobs in the picture.


Kathy, I totally agree! I feel like I'm Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew! Yet, the puzzle pieces are still not fitting together- at all!


naw the just like to make the titles of the episodes parodies of movies.


The Grandfather kind of sound like The Godfather. Same story line?


Love it! I love that Chuck's in the picture. Everyone now... awwwww!


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