Gossip Girl Promotional Poster: "The Grandfather"

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Last week, we posted a promotional poster featuring Serena and Blair in "The Age of Dissonance," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, scheduled for Monday, March 16.

Below is a similar poster - using the same tagline (Two reputations destroyed. Now for the second act ...) for the following week's episode, entitled "The Grandfather."

Could there be some much-anticipated Chuck-Blair drama to come? And what role will the grandfather - presumably Nate's - play in this episode? What do you think?

Gossip Girl: The Grandfather

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t: I don't think that Nate's grandpa is of the Vanderbilt family that you're thinking of. In an earlier spoiler it said that Nate's cousin is Kip Vanderbilt but not from THE Vanderbilt family. On a sidenote, this is my favorite promo poster. I LOVE Blair's outfit here!!


ok maybe its just me but you know how blairs like going after allll of theese guys?
well i think chuck should just go after like one girl and like treat her really good to make blair jealous hahaha


lol im watching season 1 anyway. 6 weeks is toooooo long and its only been 3 so far!


What I find confusing is that they have given us so much information that it's hard to piece together everything. There's the play, Chuck and Blair getting back together, Serena and her European socialite, Dan and Carr, Nate and Blair, Blair and Carter Baizen, possible Jack return, Georgina's return. It's just too hard to piece all of them together. I can't wait for Gossip Girl to start again. If they weren't posting pictures from the set or releasing new promos I would probably be experiencing Gossip Girl withdrawl or rewatching season 1 of gossip girl.


March 16th is too long for this. At least they are throwing bread crumbs here but it is all so confusing. Anybody feeling like we are all detectives trying to piece together one whole episode.


N looks high! haha soo bad


I love NB with all my heart but right now I think I am liking where this storyline is going (Even if it's not the NB way) Nate deserves some more screen time I mean HeLLo Chace is gorgeous.
I could honestly care less about Dan/Serena/Jenny. I'm so over it.
I do love Eric though! Haha he's so funny. :)


Ooooh looks like this is the episode with the CB Kiss.
So I'm guessing the BN reunion is for the Grandpa :( I'm sad cuz I want them to be in love again. But oh well more makeout scenes! HOT!
Who knows we could all be wrong and the whole show could be totally backward of what we are thinking!
I think Blair should get pregnant with N's baby. They would make one CUTE kid! :)


Does anyone else think this poster looks like something you could envisage on a Cluedo box!?!! lol. Chace looks so smiley, what a sweetie. I just wish the writers hadn't completely butchered his character from season 1. Thats why people like bb hate him, he just appears as such a hollow character, so i'm afraid i too agree...

Charlotte waldorf

Yeah Nicole,
i hope Chuck kills Nate.
Nate is so...Urgh!


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