Gossip Girl Spoilers: More On "The Kiss"

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E! Online is weighing in on the already-infamous Nate-Blair kiss - one that has not even occurred yet, but photos from the Gossip Girl set make plain as day.

As has been hinted and rumored for weeks, a core couple is indeed reuniting on Gossip Girl. That cat is now out of the bag thanks to pics like the one below.

But what does this mean for the epic romance that is Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick)? And why the heck are Nate and Blair kissing again right now anyway?

Gossip Girl sources say that unlike Blair and Chuck's deep (and at times adversarial) passion, a renewed Blair and Nate coupling is about familiarity and comfort.

Blair and Nate Get Back Together?

Pictures of Chace Crawford (Nate) and Leighton Meester (Blair) kissing on the Gossip Girl set this week have sparked debate and controversy. [Photo Credit: Splash News]

According to one Gossip Girl insider:

"Blair and Nate are both at a crossroads. Blair has to accept she isn't going to Yale. Nate is being sucked into his family's expectations, and they are both there for each other and enjoy the familiarity. At first it's platonic, but, of course, that doesn't last long."

Chair fans need not worry too much, however. Even though Nate and Blair may be together for the time being, Blair and Chuck have not been forgotten.

For that matter, Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz just told the Chicago Tribune last week "We get that that [relationship] works for people."

Schwartz's partner in crime Stephanie Savage also spoke about that incriminating photo, telling EW that "I think they look really cute together kissing in the snow," but when asked what a rekindled N and B romance means for C and B, she replied "Tell those Chuck and Blair fans to hang in there."

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I can't wait !! Nate and BLair are awesome !! And that kiss looks so romantic !!


This Kiss Will Teach Chuck A Lesson But Vanessa Not get Back At Her With Chuck I Hope Chuck Is Gonna Get Jelous!!
Blair+Chuck 4 Ever


Blair isn't going to Yale,she got in didn't she?


Seriously, even you Chair-supporters must be bored with all the on-off-on-off-on-off-drama since episode 7 of season 1! And at first, they were kind of hot, but even Chucks voice doesn't sound so sexy anymore after he's used it some 100 times...


whooooooaaaaa. i really want chair but we all know how chuck is - he's not gonna be too happy that blair and nate were together for however long. arrrrggggggggggg. silliness. I'm just gonna hang in there and cross my fingers.


What about Nassea (Nate She was only Flirting with the guy)! They took forever to get together and after two/three months you'd think he would trust her by now! CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!!! Nate stay with Vanessa!!!


Blair is going to Yale. When she was expelled her chances of Yale were over but then she got the photo of Dan and Ms. Carr, which was proff that she had told the truth and that she was innocent. And her father even told her that she should not be punished for telling the truth and she got back into Constance, meaning Yale was back on.
Here's the link for the cw gossip girl blog. You can even watch the episode again.


oh boy. it's season 1 all over again.


yes!!! C&B together! I knew it :X:X:X I can hardly wait


I think that this Nate and Blair thing is good! I adore Chuck and Blair's characters, seperately and together, and I am desperate for them to finally get together but Blair has been picking up the pieces behind Chuck for so long, it's about time we saw some jealousy from Chuck (It's going to be hot!) and basically a good kick up the ass for him. A bit of drama before they get together would be good I reckon, as long as they don't pan it out for too long as Nate and Blair are just too... boring. And I hope they hurry up and get that teacher out of the show, she is so irritating and her face is lopsided.

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