Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Blair Kissing!

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This Gossip Girl spoiler, made obvious by photos of Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford filming scenes in the snow at the Duck Pond in Central Park, New York City, requires little elaboration or background info. A picture is truly worth 1,000 words if not more.

Soon enough, Nate and Blair will kiss:

Nate and Blair Kiss!

Perhaps, as hinted at in the episode synopsis for "Blair Waldorf's Day Off," Nate is driven back to Blair by Vanessa flirting with another man. Gabriel, perhaps?

Either way, there's little doubt now that these two is the "major" couple that gets back together. The only question is whether it lasts, or is just a one-shot deal.

What do you think about this development? Leave a comment below - then click to enlarge more photos of Leighton and Chace on set (and a couple featuring Zuzanna Szadkowski, who plays Dorota, for good measure as well)!

Nate and Blair on the Set
Blair and Nate Get Back Together?
Chace and Leighton Pic
N and B Hold Hands
Fix Your Hat
Blair and Nate in the Park
Nate and Blair Kissing!
Dorota and Blair
Blair and Dorota
A Winter Kiss
Blair and Nate: OMG
A Blate Reunion
Blair and Nate Kissing
The Infamous Kiss

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I love Blair and Nate together! They look great! Chuck, I mean ew,


love chuck and blair, but N@B are just perfect together..


Oh!!!! I freakin' in love with C & B but, I'm pretty waiting for this scene and hope that Chuck will know this and give Nate a big blast of expressions!!! I wan't them to fight for Blair!!! Part 2!! I'm so totally in-love with Blair's character here, she's full of attitudes which makes her more interesting because besides of the fact that she's a cruel-sweet type of person, two gentlemen still fight for her!! You go Blair!!! And CHUCK!!! Either Chuck as the character or... ED WESTWICK HIMSEF!!!!!! You know you love me... XOXO, A.


They are so cute together,
i just can't wait
i want 2 see them together
they're meant to be!!


Nate and Blair are lame.


OMG !! I just can't wait !! They are perfect together !! Chair is getting so boring !! Nate and Blair forever


I can't wait to see this episode, I can't help but smile even though it kills me to... As much as I love the way Nate Looks, it's quite simple - he's using Blair to get back at Vanessa... He's never ever been good to Blair and he's used her when he's had the chance and so this makes me dislike his character, although I wouldn't mind kissing him if I had the opportunity. It's simple Blair doesn't belong with Nate, Chuck doesn't belong with anyone... but Blair. Why can't the writers just for once give Blair a bit of happiness with Chuck??? And I have to disagree with all the Blate Lovers, Yes Nate is rather Hot and the 2 look good together, you obviously don't understand the chemistry between Chair. And so I'm against Blate/Nair whatever you call them. Though Love the Picture. :D


pesonally i think for now nate can have blair because at the end of thet day chuck and blair will be together, because its fate, destiny, kismet whatever you want to call it and whatevers meant to be always finds a way. this quotation sums up their relationship perfectly imo Love is a strange emotion. When one thinks of it, a conflicting multitude of thoughts arise. Love is pitiful and marvelous, empowering and parasitic. It is hideous; it is beautiful. It is weak and strong at the same time. Love has started wars, ended wars, caused the depression and death of millions, as well as caused uncountable others to be thrown to the heights of ecstasy. So is love truly such a pure, lovely thing? I think it is a mixture of both. Just as nothing is purely good or evil, so is love


alright guy sorry but all you chair fans are nuts are u guys blind obviously nate and blair have the best cemestry and they also love eachother its how it is meant to be just like the books!! ohh and also incase you guys havn't noticed chuck is being an ass to blair she desevers better!! YAYAYYAYA NATE AND BLAIR :D I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH THIS MADE MY YEAR!!


i'm not giving up on blair and chuck. they undeniably just have the chemistry which is missing between B and N.

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