Heroes REALLY Needs Your Help!

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Stop what you're doing.

Go tell your family, friends, enemies and pets to watch Heroes. The show is in serious danger of not making it to a fourth season.

This week's episode drew 6.9 million viewers. That might not mean much to the average viewer, but consider this:

Last year at this time, during the 9 p.m. Monday time slot, NBC aired the ridiculous reality competition My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad. It received 900,000 more viewers than Heroes. Seriously.

If Heroes cannot earn higher ratings than a reality show tha costs a fraction of Heroes' budget to make, then we may be seeing the last few episodes ever of this once-popular show.

Taking a Listen

Based on current ratings, if Parkman could read the mind of most viewers, he'd hear how unhappy they were with the series.

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i just got netflix and i was always interested in Heroes but never watched it...i started friday and finished season one and two by monday and am now on season 3. please tell methere is going to be a season 4. if so when and on what channel? please help i love this show. Thanks.


i cant believe they wanna cancel this show it has twist and truns which you dont ge any wherelse.i think heroes has enough power to go on for year to come


Where I think the show might have gone wrong, is that it got a little too complicated and there’s no all rallying point to be around, such as the Save the Cheerleader campaign of the first season. Now don’t get me wrong, I really have enjoyed this season so far, and every season of Heros, It’s one of those shows that make you think, but my one complaint is all the double backing that’s happened this season. So and so’s a good guy, now he’s a bad guy, or no he’s a good guy in the future, but no that was an alternate future, now he’s back to being a bad guy again, at least until next episode. I mean some of that is what I like about the show, but at some point about mid-season it started getting ridiculous. Sylar is one of my favorite characters, and seeing him being a suburban father was quite a shock! But now where is the other end of that thread? who was he married to? I can’t even remember, did that really happen or was that another alternative future? Don’t know, so bottom line is that the show has become quite confusing and complicated even for the dedicated viewer. We are getting the good stuff finally; HRG’s secret agenda, who is Angela, X-men plot points, etc., etc, but it’s all getting a little bit boring and I don’t know why. There was certainly good moments, I loved Sylar’s father for instance, but the show’s been promising some overall, meaning of life type answers and I don’t see any. Where is it wrapping up to? The good is, not knowing what could happen next, the bad is not having any idea whatsoever what will happen next. I certainly didn’t expect to see the puppetmaster after Claire, et al left his house, but there he is, pretending to be good and Claire helps him, yuck! Claire-the underground railroad? Is that still happening? Not that I’m stuck on that plot point, I just want to have some plot points to put my hat on, but it seems like ideas are being picked up and set aside with alarming speed, that I think that may be one of the problems, and certainly point of confusion for new viewers. My other point though not necessarily a problem, is that with so many characters, it’s hard to focus on more than about 6 of them per episode, so the writers have wisely taken to merry-go-rounding them. So if what’s his name is your favorite, you may only get to see him every other episode, but again I think that is less of a problem. So let’s go back to first season. There was a story arch, Save the cheerleader, who is the cheerleader? why is she important, who tries to kill her, why does he kill her, who saves her? etc, etc. The season was less about the heroes and more about a focusing plot point. Now the characters are going in all directions and the plot has slowed way down. So to save the show, we need a centralizing rallying point again, and I don’t know what that is. We can’t do Save the Cheerleader again because the show has gotten so much more complicated than that. Maybe we need a couple of rallying points with characters working on either one or the other one. And they need to be really good ones. And the ranks need to slim down a little, keep the favorites, but get rid of some extras and don’t introduce new ones with the same speed as before, we have enough to work on already. And that’s my advice, and I hope that Heroes will continue for another season and be able to come to a satisfying end.


I believe Heroes will make a 4th season... it's too intriguing to quit. I don't know about anyone else, but the reason a lot of my friends can't watch it is because they aren't caught up.
So, I would suggest putting the show on hiatus (as much as I hate to say that) and do a marathon or something so viewers can get caught up, and then maybe there would be more viewers when the episodes air. But, again, I have faith that the show will last through a fourth season. If not, protest! :D


Everyone, we have to start watching this show live to
show Hereos that the fans still love this show.
It has to have a season 4!!


I'm back! and like the first person said heroes needs all the love it can get. I'm 100% in people Go Heroes!!!!


i posted some ways for NBC to make money on my blogs, and even if this show was cancelled (god forbid) then i would take it upon myself to write all the storylines on my blog and keep it up, i love this show too much to let it go!!
go here if you wanto see what i got so far with the heroesverse storylines: www.villainsview.blogspot.com OR www.thevaultofheroes.blogspot....


dont go heroes!!!! i need you!!!! your the reason i passed science!!!!!!!
NBC, seriously needs to put a bit of effort into the commercials, use the together soundtrack, thats one is awesom! or use fall to peices by the same artist, thats also a good one and i can imagine it with heroes.


WTF!!! They're going threaten to cancel the show, just when it's getting interesting again. C'mon HEROES FANS!!! way to jump off the bandwagon at the right time:(


Seriously, cancelling this show cannot be an option. People still watch Lost and thats THE most confusing show ever. We're 3 weeks behind here in the UK but i watch online and on TV (now its back) coz i love it so much. if it ended i'd be more than heartbroken. Whats not to love about this show America?? More people should watch. So its been a bit 'here and there' with some story lines but its still a relatively new show. I love the fact that its intense and funny at the same time. My weeks would have almost no meaning if i could no longer look forward to Heroes mondays and tuesdays.


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys