Heroes Round Table: Trust and Blood

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Welcome to our 23rd Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forums to discuss every character and storyline, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest episode.

Topics in this edition include: Tracey's fate, HRG's storyline and Daphne. Let's get to the Q&A...

Is this it for Tracey?
A. Hiro: Let's hope so. Ali Larter is gorgeous, but there was little reason to resurrect this version of Nikki/Jessica in the first place.

Milover: No. Based on what we've seen of supposed Heroes' "deaths" so far, I'll believe Tracey is dead only if she's gone for at least two seasons. I still assume Adam Monroe will return.

Timex: Yes. But it opens up the door for this character's next personality. I can't wait to meet Anabelle! Her ability? The art of seduction.

Come on, writers, haven't we seen this HRG storyline before?
Timex: Hey, don't diss my main man! At least his storylines are consistent, albeit repetitive. Other characters seem to change the way they act based on the volume, or even the episode.

A. Hiro: Yes we have. Every season seems to place HRG and Claire at odds because the former is acting in a shady manner in order to protect the latter. I love both these characters, but it's getting a bit old.

Milover: Yes. But Jack Coleman is such a great actor that he makes it feel fresh every time. (And, granted, there have been many times!)

Where is this Sylar storyline going?
Milover: I don't know. But I love the idea of Sylar as a mentor. We've seen him try to channel his evil ways in the past. Let's see him try to teach them to someone else!

Timex: I hate to say - because Zachary Quinto is always fantastic - but I'm getting sick of Sylar. He possesses every possible ability and can't die. What's interesting about him anymore? His desire to be accepted by his father? Does that mean we should be rooting for such a resolution?

A. Hiro: To his father's hide out, weren't you paying attention? I'm anxious to see if Mr. Sylar will be all-powerful, like his son.

Daphne can't really be dead... can she?

A. Hiro: Gosh, I hope not. This was one new character I actually liked. She's cute and has a cool ability!

Milover: I'm afraid so. Not even Daphne is quick enough to avoid a bullet.

Timex: Probably. Probably. I really can't believe they'd kill off Daphne... but that Maya is still alive somewhere out there.

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hero should get his powers back and everything that has happened should rewind ?


I totally agree with you.. Sylar is great I love him but there has been too much Sylar drama. There needs to be some real battling going on. Another thing that made Season one so great. Sylar and Peter battles. Never anything as big as I liked but kept it interesting. I wanna see a battle that lasts the whole eppisode. I mean a city desrtoying, buildings falling, people hurt in collateral damage, lightning, fireball, telepathy, flying, uppercuts to the stratusphere battle. Thats what Heroes needs. The writers are playing checkers. I wanna see some damn chess. A damn check mate end all be all fight. Only one power stealer to survive. Thats just what i think the show needs.


I definately want to say that Sylar's Dad search could lead down a boring trail, or could it? Who's to say that Sylar's dad doesnt have something going on that could play a BIG part of the story. For all we know, HE could be REBEL. I highly doubt it, but atleast we could "hope" for the best and see that this storyline IS going to open up something fantastic. I also think that when Peter had a ton of abilities, he was Sylar's opposite, (Yin and Yang). He gave a posibility of someone that COULD stop Sylar. I hope somehow Peter gets back to being a REAL BAD A$$ or Sylar gets some of his toned down. I am hoping for the first!! I still am waiting for a almighty show down between the two....Maybe someday


how can they kill off daphne ?!
what is matt going to do?!
they should have claire bring her back or something... or like some weird thing happens where they ressarect?!
but they r killing the idea that true love dosent exist if daphne dies!!!


Whats going on with teh Heroes is very gripping and there scenes together have been fabulous. Every single time they switch over to Sylar I take a nap because its Fkn Boring....then when teh heroes are back I wake up. Sorry Sylar...you need to die now. At this point you have worn out your welcome. Its in Heroes history that a person gets secluded for a while..Hiro - Japan...Matt - Africa....now Sylar - Daddy Bullshit, but atleast with the first two it came toghet at teh end to benefit the story some how...What are we gonna get about Sylar finding his dad...ok once found...now what? He has no connection to anything that going on right now with the main story...Bye Bye Sylar..your a moron!


I am truly 100% positive that neither Daphne or Tracy died in this episode. They could also really kick Sylar's.. the writers asses, because i just jumped over the boring sylar-parts. And what happened to the outside world? It's like there is no one else, except these.. 'people's with abilitys' like they always say.
I hate to say this, because i love them all, and i love the show, but if they don't get it together, they should just cut now. Afterall, they can't stop while they're at the top anymore, the top was pretty much the first two seasons(+ cute West, get him back and maybe i'll rethink) ;>


I don't believe Tracey died in the last episode. She will die this season, but I think she will go down fighting (unlike the poorly written death of Elle). Daphne can still be save, unless they destroy her body. I'm pretty sure Mohinder still has some "Claire" blood saved somewhere. Remember, Mohinder used Claire's blood to save HRG in Season Two (which was quite awesome-damn the writer's strike). I just don't think they are planning these deaths very well. Adam Monroe's death just seemed to happen so suddenly. It would have been nice to see the deaths have more suspense. Adam, Arthur, and Elle's deaths weren't good enough for me. Flint and Knox on the other hand were okay because nobody really cared for them anyway. Also, I'm guessing Meredith is still alive.

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