Heroes Spoilers: More Blonde Death!

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On last night's episode of Heroes, Daphne bit the bullet... literally!

You never know with this series, but all signs indicate a permanent death for this enjoyable character.

Moreover, according to E! Online, another blonde with abilities is headed for the grave.

Sources say that Ali Larter's character of Tracy Strauss will be in serious trouble around episode 20. She's described as getting "broken up," which doesn't bode very well based on how last night's installment ended.

Will she return as yet another manifestation along the lines of Niki/Jessica/Tracey? it's unclear, but let's hope not. Deaths have to start sticking on this show or it will lose all suspense.


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i dont think daphne is dead. maybe shes rebel.


i dont think daphne is dead. maybe shes rebel


I dounbt she's dead, I'm pretty sure her name is in the epsidoe description for Cold Wars... They did that with Elle in Our Father, but I doubt she's gone


While I'm still not really sold on the Matt/Daphne pairing (I think it's moving too serious too soon), I do love Daphne. She's an enjoyable partner to Matt, Hiro and Ando and I fervently hope Bea isn't leaving soon. And while I adore Ali, I totally hate the 2nd twin. I hope when Tracey's gone, she can come back as Barbara but this time around the last twin has nothing to do with Nathan Petrelli!


You know, if Tracy does die, Ali Larter could return as Barbara... the third and final triplet who hasnt been seen yet. I hope she's better than Tracy.. that chick annoyed me.


Daphne can't be dead as they've already said in future epsiode synopsi (is that a word?) that Daphne will be rescued or at least Matt & Peter will try to rescue her. Would they rescue her if dead? Who knows, maybe if they think Claire could resurrect (sp?) her.


Dammit! Just when I was getting attached to Daphne. Now that the characters have already been trimmed down I dont want any more deaths. Sylar should be shot with his retarded story line right now...whats going on with the Heroes is so gripping.

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