How I Met Your Mother First Look: Laura Prepon as Karen

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As previously reported, Laura Prepon, of That 70's Show fame, will be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother. Look for her to appear on a five-episode arc as Ted's former college girlfriend, Karen. 

Thus far, we know Karen is snooty, cheated on Ted to end the relationship, and that Marshall and Lily hate her.

Thanks to CBS, here's a first look at the actress as Karen, as these four stills are courtesy of the upcoming March 9 episode titled, "Sorry, Bro." 

Click to enlarge each picture:

Ted, Karen and the Gang
Ted Holds Karen in College
Ted and Karen Eating
Ted and Karen in College

Photo Credits: © 2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc.  Author: Sonja Flemming

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I wonder if this is a reference to dane cook's "karen is always a douchebag" joke


actually, karen is ted's high school girlfriend whom he briefly dates during the beginning of college.


Wow I never realized how pretty Laura Prepon was. She always looked like an oaf on That 70's Show! Can't wait to see her on HIMYM!

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