New Gossip Girl Pictures Released

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The CW has posted some new photos on its Gossip Girl page, and although it has not assigned them captions indicating that they are for a particular episode, it appears as though some, if not all are from March 16's "The Age of Dissonance."

If it turns out they're not, we'll move them to the appropriate galleries later on, once those episodes' main pages have been created on Gossip Girl Insider.

We posted some promotional photos from "The Age of Dissonance" earlier in the week, mostly featuring Chuck and Carter. Now here are a dozen more pictures of upcoming Gossip Girl action, including this funny one of an odd pairing - Blair and Dan ...

Blair and Dan!

Gotta love the costumes. School play perhaps? In any event, we can't wait for the show's return. Click to enlarge the pictures below, and leave comments with your theories on what's going on with the Upper East Siders in the scenes depicted ...

Mystery Man
Dorota and Blair Pic
Daniel Humphrey
The Object of Desire
Rachel Carr Photo
Blair Waldorf Style
Blair Pic
Serena Pic
Blair Prepares
Blair and Dorota Photo
Vanessa and a New Man?

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They are really cute. I love dan and blair...i hope that the writers give them a chance.


I like dan and blair as a couple, they arer sooo cuteee.


I think Blair is playing May and Serena is playing Ellen, but we'll see.


Dan as Newland Archer and Blair as Olenska would literally make me SCREAM. /end geek out

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