Taylor Momsen Glows in Green

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Gossip Girl star and model Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) donned a flowing green Marchesa gown to the amfAR New York Gala at Cipriani on 42nd Street.

Taylor helped kick off 2009 Fashion Week in New York City Thursday night ...

Glowing in a Green Gown

Always one to make a fashion statement and never one to shy away from controversy, the 15-year-old came out to support amfAR - The Foundation for AIDS Research.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Taylor's green gown ...

Making Her Way Inside
Green and Gorgeous
Taylor at amfAR Gala
Glam Girl
Model Gorgeous
amfAR and Away the Prettiest

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End of season 1 and begging of season 2 is when she looked her best.


I don't like Jenny either, she's quite a boring character who doesn't bring that much to the show. If she was gone it wouldn't even bother me. And as for the emo fringe and make-up she looks hideous considering she's 15... you'd swear she was a 21 year old. Not impressed Taylor.


I hate her character on the show. But you can't deny that she's is really beautiful. Probably w/ or w/o makeup.


love the dress, needs some new makeup and hair


she looks very pretty. maybe a tad dramatic with the makeup. personally wouldnt have worn it that heavy at 15.


lalala. i agree. people need to cool it. shes 15. chill out. and she looks really pretty here. i love that dress


nicole wow i didn't realise you could tell if someone is mature from what they're wearing. i guess you can read persons personalities through thier clothes. good for you anywayy the dress is amazing. and give her a break people she is SUPPOSED to be immature as she is only 15 fist, you complain that she is growing up too fast and then when she has fun with looks you say she is immature. stop finding reasons to hate people!


I think she's just experimenting with her looks... she's a teenager, after all. And I think the dress is lovely :) As long as she doesn't get herself in to trouble, I don't mind some funky make-up!

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