Glowing in a Green Gown
Taylor Momsen is radiant as ever in a green gown at the amfAR New York Gala in mid-February 2009.

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Wow..... that dress is STUNNING - absolutely GORGEOUS and I actually love the hair but she'd look so much better in this dress if she didn't have both the red lipstick and that eyeliner. I'd have gone with more natural make-up and let the dress speek for itself. She's a pretty girl, she doesnt need to go OTT- she'd look twice as good with half the effort!!


I think she looks gorgeous here, but I agree with the comment above a simple hair up do would have added so much more. I also dont like the black nails, that dress is too classic for edgy manicures


the dress is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! wish she could have worn an up do.


well okay miss sashay "the fashion police" I think she looks stunning. you go baby vamp!


the dress is so cute and looks good on her but she to young for it and that hair is so BAD

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