A Bones Spoiler to Die For

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Will Booth and Brennan really have sex during this season's Bones finale?

Rumors and spoilers surrounding this long-awaiting possibility are swirling. TV Guide Senior Editor Matt Mitovich recently poured more fuel on the fornicating fire, though his exact words cause us to wonder if intercourse will actually take place:

All signs point to the partners in crime-solving hitting the sheets, naked, in the season finale.

Our guess? This is one big tease and Bones fans will simply see the pair, sans clothing, sharing a bed for some reason.

Mitovich did report on one definitive upcoming storyline, however: On the March 26 episode, viewers will learn a few things about Cam, including that she once had a fiancé. He even shows up in the episode; or at least his half-eaten body does, inside a tiger cage at the zoo.


Cam and Brennan

Sounds like Camille's former fiance meets a fate similar to that of this Bones patient.

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Booth: You're brilliant.
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