American Idol Eliminates Michael Sarver

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Not much of an American Idol shocker last night.

While many fans were aghast that Alexis Grace was sent home a week ago, almost everyone saw Michael Sarver's elimination coming this time around. Nice guy, decent singer, not American Idol material.

Michael and Matt

We were surprised to see Matt Giraud join Michael Sarver in the bottom two.

So... we're down to 9 American Idol finalists. Can anyone beat Adam Lambert?

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I'm 63 years old and Adam Lambert is the only singer that has excited me as much as Elvis Presley did !! I could watch and listen to him for hours. I hope I'll get a chance to see him in person near Lake Placid, Fla. :) :)


It is about time Michael Sarver got eliminated! He should have been eliminated over Alexis Grace. I said right before they announced who was going home, that if Michael stays I'm going to have to think the show is rigged. He's a good singer, yes, not good enough. Especially as the other contestants.


Can anyone beat Adam Lambert? Well yes, it is possible... If you have watched the show long enough, you should know that anything can happen when the public is voting... And with the judges, "Save" it makes it even more interesting... they have what 4 more votes to use it...