Danny Glover on How I Met Your Mother

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As we wrap up season four of How I Met Your Mother, co-creator Carter Bays promises we'll see some new faces and some old returning ones pop on on the show.

Bays recently told TV Guide that Danny Glover will turn up on the show "in an interesting way."  When TV Guide asked if perhaps Glover will play the father of Barney's black brother, James, Carter responded, "Boy, I wish had thought of that a month ago!  It's much better than what we came up with."

Somehow we bet the creators of one of the most brilliant sitcoms on television have something better up their sleeves.

Carter promises that in addition to Glover we'll see "a couple other" guest castings on the horizons and that we'll "see some old favorites come back — people that you haven't seen in a while — which will be fun."

Danny Glover

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