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Tonight's Heroes episode reveals more about Sylar's childhood, The Hunter and the relationship between Claire and her new boy toy, Alex.

The latter is expected to get wet and wild!

We'll recap the episode titled "Exposed" soon after it airs. In the meantime, though, discuss the latest developments with fans in our Heroes forum...

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I 100% agree with you sigmaforce...Thats exactly why they put that limit on Peter because too many people were saying just that...."Why didnt he do this ..or that or this..." SOGAUDY...SHUT UP and Realize that....too much power could Hurt Peters character...DUH!!!!!!


It was an okay episode tonight. It was pretty cool when Peter and Matt broke into the building and Jedi mind tricked everyone, but too bad Sylar didn't kill that annoying kid. For those of you who missed the episode, you can catch it online here.. http://watchheroesstreaming.com/season-3-episode-18-exposed/
It will be interesting to see whether Matt gets blown up next episode.


I continue to love this volume (just as much as season 1)


I think Peter's new version of his power is way better than his old on. Having that many abilities just makes it way too easy to have Peter do everything in the show. Any situation he's in people would be saying 'why didn't he use his ______ and bust outta there!'. One power is a plus I say. Liked this episode a lot personally, pretty interesting!


whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did the writers mess up peter's character? now he can only take 1 power at once then he looses it when he takes another power? how gay is that? i dont even want to watch heroes anymore....sad man sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate this show now Peter is the only reason i watch it


Okay i don't know about any else but i can't wait to find out what happens on the next episode. Does Peter have the ability to use more then one ability at a time. I have a feeling he is going to put into a situation and he will have to use a future ability that he borrowed to get out. I was so excited to see him fly and the disappointed to see that his brother had helped him. Another thing what did his mom tell Nate? I have a feeling either Nate or Peter is going to fly Matt away. If Nate does then he will be hunted also. Why did Nate let Peter go. I need some answer some one help me out.


From the picture, I am willing to bet that the kiss is more about getting Claire air so they can stay underwater longer, than it is about a relationship, at least at this point in the storyline. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the catalyst for a relationship between them, but at this point it is more about air than about making out.


hey i think its sexy when claire kisses cuz i imagine im the guy :D


I hate how the writers bring in Claires Boyfriends...their in it for only an episode and they already hooking up....Stupid..no character development or nothing...what if we all hate him and he gets written off...no intensity to the relationship.


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