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Zap2it Spoiler columnist Korbi Ghosh has a couple of items in her most recent article about Gossip Girl, specifically Chuck and Blair. While it's little we don't already know, we figured we'd pass it along for your thoughts and comments ...

Q: You said that Nate and Blair would be a blip in the Gossip Girl time line, but now I hear that Nate is gonna ask Blair to move in with him. No hope for Chuck and Blair this season? Please, answer me, I really would like to know. I feel like giving up Gossip Girl.

A: Don't give up. There is always hope for Chuck and Blair. Always. The writers understand that C.B. and Blair belong together, but they can't just couple them up and be done with it. You'd get bored and the show would suffer. Instead, they have to throw roadblocks like Nate Archibald, Carter Baizen (played by Leighton Meester's real life boyfriend Sebastian Stan, below) and that Gentleman's Club chick in the way. Yes, not only will Blair and Nate be a thing, but Blair will give it up to Carter even before that, and Chuck will fall for the shady lady he was stalking last we saw him. The good news is, there are a few quality Chuck-Blair scenes on tap for the March 23 episode. Chuck's affection for Ms. Waldorf will rise to the surface once again. It's just too little too late for the time being.

Don't Mess with Chuck

Q: If Blair and Nate are going to be together on Gossip Girl, what happens to him and Vanessa? I like them together.

A: Me too. Vanessa and Nate will be together when we jump back into the Gossip Girl world next Monday. Actually, they'll be together the following week too. But issues between them will begin to flare up, and ultimately, it seems their lack of common interests and disparate backgrounds will be the death of them.

Q: What's up with Dan and the teacher on Gossip Girl? Will they get caught?

A: Affirmative. Rufus finds out what's going on and he's not happy. However, Rachel Carr has a dark side that we haven't yet seen. Seems she has more in common with Blair Waldorf than we were led to believe.

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To be honest, Chuck and Blair's relationship devoloped too early in the show, yes they did drag scenes out, but they shouldn't have rushed Blair into sleeping with Chuck, and then eventually the relationship would have taken off and all the plots and twists and so on, because then there would be more content. (not saying that there isn't.)
As much as I love Chair, realistically they can't be togeter all the time because then you'd see another dan and serena - they're relationship took off and burned out.
ALSO... the Carter and Blair thing was a little unnessary at the time it was convenient and Leighton and Sab looked good on set, but just 'cos they're an off screen couple doesn't mean they have to be an on screen couple too - AND that's what ticked me off.
Vanessa and Nate need more substance.
Jenny needs to grow down - she's waay too old for her age...!!
Miss Carr needs to make a disappearance.
Serena needs a reality check - dan and miss carr probs :L
Chuck needs to admit to his feelings...
And the show goes on... :P


I don't think getting them together will ruin them...OTH had lucas and peyton together for more than 5 second-and actually i like lucas and brooke together better and they weren't boring...
Chuck and Blair are a thousand times more interesting than anyone on this show and together they would be amazing. so lets see them together. We didn't get to see them together the one episode they were apparently together in the first season (high society) then the very last episode we got a couple of kisses and he left her? Now this season has been a cat and mouse game with no victory for the viewers. We want to see them together. We put up with Lily and Rufus dating and kissing and everything else.PLEASE LET US SEE CHUCK AND BLAIR TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!PLEASE.


Does anyone know where I can see or read the elle and chuck scene about giving your heart?


Chairfan08- I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think - I KNOW Chuck & Blair will get together by season's end. THey already have ben seen together behind-the-scenes, so at least they're friends...or sharing scenes...


Spath3 - I completely am with you - but no worries, they will be together this season! Who said they won't be together for 2 seasons??? I didn't read that.


I think there is plenty of time for Chuck & Blair to get together this season - plenty.
She will hook up with her two men, and then get together with Chuck in the end.
That one scene where Carter is kissing her and Chuck is walking away, she's
totally starting at Chuck. You know she's sad just that he's in the room,
she still wants him, but she just doesn't know it.


agree, season 1 was so much better. the stories this season have been erratic and inconsistent. the writers are stupid. and agree, vanessa sucks.


i don't want Vanessa and Nate together. Vanessa sucks.


Does this mean no CB until next season? Oh, that's gonna take a longggg~ time.


Does this mean no CB until next season? Oh, that's gonna take a longggg~ time.

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